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Product Review: Five New Paleo Blue Dinosaur Super Bite Flavours

We are seriously loyal fans of Blue Dinosaur at GMB HQ and were so excited when they announced their 5 new, lip-smacking Super Bite flavours. In celebration, we sent the new flavours to some of our GoodnessMe Box Family to find out exactly what you think!

Here are some genuine reviews so that you can decide which flavour you'd like to try! Keep a lookout for one of these flavours in an upcoming GoodnessMe Box! Sign up here today.

Flavour Espresso

Reviewer Elise Blight @eb.fiitness

I was lucky enough to try the new Blue Dinosaur Espresso Superbite! I'd been eyeing off this flavour ever since they were released as I am the biggest coffee lover! I'm pretty picky when it comes to coffee flavoured raw treats but I'm happy to say this one did not disappoint. The coffee flavour was very prominent; which I loved as I like my coffee strong, but it was really well balanced with the sweetness of the organic coconut.

Another thing I love about this bar is the ingredients! Only four wholesome (and easily recognisable!) ingredients - coconut, dates, espresso & MCT oil - no hidden nasties in these bars. So I know by choosing this as a snack option, I'm fueling my body with the proper nutrients it needs and ingredients it knows how to break down.

I would recommend this bar as an on the go snack option. It's a perfectly sized snack and I actually prefer the Super bite size over the original Dinosaur Bars size because, even though they are slightly smaller, they are still filling thanks to being packed with healthy fats from the main ingredient of the coconut, just not as calorie dense. Or you could enjoy it on top of a bowl of Cacao Nicecream for breakfast! The Espresso gives you that extra little boost to start the day and makes it taste just like a mocha in a bowl! Yum!


Image @eb.fiitness

Flavour Himalayan Choc

Reviewer Jodi Peak @jodiskitchen

These bars are a great addition to smoothie bowls but would also be the perfect partner to a cup of tea or coffee for that 3pm pick-me-up to fill you up until dinner! They have a really nice crumbly texture, and are bursting with flavour!

They have no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or additives, are vegan, and are made from just 5 whole-food ingredients! Everything I look for in a snack! I would definitely recommend these bars to anyone looking for healthy snacks! :)


Image @jodiskitchen

Flavour Passionfruit

Reviewer Julia Krivoshev @anaestheticmind

In the middle of a busy day of learning and working, the Blue Dinosaur Super Bite was the perfect snack to keep me going. The strong passionfruit flavour highlights the use of real passionfruit in this 100% natural bar. The sweetness helped to re-energise me for the next lot of tasks and the limited use of paleo ingredients ensured me that this energy is from a healthy source. The small size is perfect to carry around and it's easy to eat on the go!


Image @my_wellness_kitchen

Flavour Acai Berries

Reviewer Sam Willock @motiveater

I tried the Blue Dinosaur Acai Berries Super Bite and loved it. Normally I would eat a bar like this as a 3pm pick me up with a tea but this time I decided to use it to add something extra to my breaky. After coming home from a morning gym session I wanted something quick and easy so I used the super bite on top of yoghurt with fruit. It was so delicious and reminded me of a lamington, and had a great crumbly texture!

I also love that the ingredients consist of only fruit and coconut. So often you'll see "health food bars" packed with a range of ingredients that are unnatural, so this was a nice treat! These super bites would be a great option to keep in your bag for those times unexpected hunger strikes.


Image @motiveater

Flavour Matcha Greens

Reviewer Carmel Zien @carmel_zien

I was so excited to wake up to my Blue Dinosaur Matcha Greens Super Bite that I had to add it to my breakfast and eat it right away. I crumbled it up to top my morning oats, made with water, cinnamon and maple syrup. I love the taste of Matcha and the flavour of the Super Bite definitely hit all the spots! It gave my breakfast a punch of green energy, leaving me satisfied and energised until lunch time.


Image @carmel_zien

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