Wholefoodie Spotlight: Juanita Martin

We were lucky enough to interview Juanita and get a glimpse of how eating wholefoods has developed into a thriving balanced lifestyle. Juanita explains how she conquers cravings and how eating wholefoods has improved her overall health. 


How did you eat growing up?

Family meals quite often contained the standard 3 meat and veg. This type of meal was considered better for you as it would prevent you from gaining excess weight. Fast Food and Take-away were considered bad for you and nobody seemed to be overly concerned about how much certain supermarket foods were processed. All the majority of meals in our house were homemade, however, a lot was made with a store-bought jar sauce without too much concern over how many preservatives were in them and without looking at the ingredients.


How do you feel now that you eat wholefoods?

I feel like I am taking steps towards my future health. I also used to regularly feel symptoms of undiagnosed irritable bowel syndrome. Which I hardly ever suffer from these days. I am also suffering very few migraines anymore, instead of a couple a month it is probably a maximum of 4 a year. I have always had a passion for looking after myself and now I feel I have perfected the balance of healthy eating and fitness.

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How would you describe your food philosophy?

Although I eat predominately wholefoods I would say I still eat an 80/ 20 diet, I don’t deprive myself and if I feel like something naughty I have it, which I feel makes my healthy lifestyle maintainable. Although I do try and choose better options for the foods I crave, I also try and establish the reasoning why I am craving these foods, for instance, I may be lacking something in my diet. 


What made you switch to wholefoods?

I am rapidly approaching 37 and although I have always lived an active lifestyle, I felt I could do better with my diet. My husband and I have always been undecided if we would have children. However, I knew if we did go down this path being older, I need to be looking after myself both inside and out to make sure our future family is healthy from the beginning. This also acts as a form of motivation to instil healthy food relationships within my family.

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Was the change difficult and if so how did you overcome this?

Getting into the habit of planning meals and doing meal prep on the weekend so there was no excuse for not sticking to my plans. Also getting started was difficult because I had a mindset that it would be expensive and hard to do.


Any tips or advice for those out there trying to make the switch to a wholefood lifestyle?

Start slowly. Don’t try and change all at once. If you slowly phase things in it’s not so expensive and dramatic.


After making the switch, how did you feel after and did you notice things you could do that you couldn't do before?

I don’t suffer from as much bloating and as many headaches. I also overall feel much better within myself.

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Is there anything you can do now or you have done, which you once thought would have never been possible?

I have found although I was always lean I have alot better muscle definition which makes me appear alot fitter and has actually brought down my overall body fat percentage.


What are 4 staple products that are always in your shopping trolley?

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Oats
  • Nuts and snack bars

How has GMB helped you on your health journey?

Exposed me to products I was not aware existed and allows me to try products without having to commit to buying products that I might not use.


What has been your all-time favourite product in our box and why?

The Carob Bear I feel I really enjoy and sometimes crave it more than standard chocolate.


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