Wholefoodie Spotlight: Lauren Nitschke

Our GMB family inspire us each month and Lauren caught our attention with her motivating health journey. After suffering from digestive issues in her teens, she developed a LOVE for wholefood to simply feel good. We adore Lauren's realistic approach to healthy eating and are super excited to share her journey with you!


How did you eat growing up?

Growing up in a small country town my family and I ate reasonably healthy. Mum would always make meals from scratch, and takeaway was rare and such a treat. I loved winter weekends to make a Sunday soup with Mum or the school holidays so I could bake cakes with Nana.


How do you feel now that you eat wholefoods?

Eating wholefoods has completely changed the way I feel and how I look. Eating a plant based diet has improved my skin, digestive issues and created a more positive mindset.


How would you describe your food philosophy?

Just nourish your body! It’s the only one we have.


What made you switch to wholefoods?

When I left home and began food shopping for myself. I took far more notice on exactly what I was putting in my body. I worked out quite quickly that my body ran far more effectively when it had the correct nutrients it needs.


Was the change difficult and if so how did you overcome this...

Throughout my teens I had a few digestive issues. Overtime I realised my body was intolerant to gluten, dairy and very sensitive to fried foods and sugar. Now knowing I feel so much better when I eat plant based wholefoods the decision is easy. Though this doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally enjoy a sneaky treat here and there.

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Any tips or advice for those out there trying to make the switch to a wholefood lifestyle?

One step at a time. Don’t beat yourself if you slip up every now and again, you are human! Deep breaths and pick up where you left off.

After making the switch, how did you feel after and did you notice things you could do that you couldn't do before?

I definitely have more energy and a more positive mindset. I absolutely love my Sunday afternoons when I meal prep for the week! It’s a great feeling knowing I’m organised for the week ahead.


Is there anything you can do now or you have done, which you once thought would have never been possible?

I have never been able to run long distances. Even through school I would struggle to run 1km non stop. Last December I completed the 6.8km Blue Lake Fun Run with out stopping! That feeling after was one of the best feelings ever!

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What are 4 staple products that are always in your shopping trolley?

- Pumpkin 

- Coconut milk 

- Walnuts 

- Chickpeas


How has GMB helped you on your health journey?

GMB has introduced me to so many new products that I wouldn’t have found before. Having the ability to try different products every month that are delivered straight to your door is just fantastic.


What has been your all-time favourite product in our box and why?

Oooh there are so many good ones! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I loved Forbidden Foods Breakky Rice with fresh fruit and PB. 

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