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Wholefoodie Spotlight with Lucy Ashford

Welcome to the first GMD Wholefoodie Spotlight! Where each month we will shine the light on a new wholefoodie, learn about their health journey and how the GoodnessMe Box has made a difference in their life.

We have been following Lucy's health journey on Instagram for a while now, and her love for healthy cooking is very inspiring! Lucy has seen great benefits for her skin by eating a wholefood diet so we want to share with you her tips and tricks... 


How did you eat growing up?

Growing up in England, my mum used to cook from scratch most days. We would always have meat, potatoes and lots of fresh vegetables. The meat would be the cheaper cuts at times but she would braise them in stock and we would have it with mash and vegetables. We ate eggs, fresh fruit, we didn’t eat a lot of bread but always had fresh fruit and vegetables. My favourite meal my mum used to make was liver, bacon and onions in a delicious gravy and we would have it with creamy mash and green vegetables. 

How do you feel now that you eat wholefoods? 

Eating wholefoods is vital for our overall health, I know my skin benefits greatly from eating better as does my general health. My skin glows, I don’t suffer any acne outbreaks, my hair is stronger, my nails grow very quickly and are very strong. It’s good to include all food groups into day to day meals. Although I have to be honest, I don’t eat enough fruit in my diet but what I lack in fruit I make up with vegetables. 

How would you describe your food philosophy?

For me less is more – the less ingredients something contains, the better it is for us. Food should be paddock to plate/field to plate – organic, good fats, wholefood.  

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What made you switch to wholefoods?

It is so easy to grab something from fast food chains when we are running about, being a parent, trying to work a fulltime job, keeping the house clean and sometimes it feels like the day runs away with you, resulting in reaching for food choices that are convenient and quick. Six years ago my husband and I decided that we would no longer eat burgers or chicken from these fast food places as quite simply DO WE ACTUALLY KNOW WHATS IN IT? The answer is no! Less meat, more fillers, hormones, rusks etc, the list is endless and we really weren’t doing our bodies any good. Now if we want a burger we make them at home, I prefer my burgers without the bread buns as I like to taste the flavours that usually get soaked into the bread. I buy all my meat organic and grass fed, my fruit and vegetables are organic where they can be, but it is more about natural ingredients. 

Was the change difficult and if so how did you overcome this?

For me, no not really. My husband struggled a bit more as he has an incredible sweet tooth. Meal prep helped greatly, and food tastes so much better knowing it isn’t packed with artificial nasty harmful ingredients. 

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Any tips or advice for those out there trying to make the switch to a wholefood lifestyle?

Start off with the smaller things like starting to read food labels and looking at how many ingredients are in the foods you are eating. Keep a diary on how changing certain foods improve your skin, moods, menstrual cycle and cramps etc. Replace your usual white loaf of bread with wholegrain bread, replace white rice with brown rice or quinoa. Even reducing the amount of dairy and switching to coconut/nut-based milk.   

After making the switch, how did you feel after and did you notice things you could do that you couldn't do before?

As mentioned above, I have noticed a massive change in my skin, hair and nails. My mood improved as I wasn’t having dips in my sugar levels, and the wholefoods and healthy fats actually keep you satisfied.

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Is there anything you can do now or you have done, which you once thought would have never been possible?

I will be honest, no, as I’ve always been a mind over matter type of person. The only difference it has made is it makes you look at food with a better perspective.

What are 4 staple products that are always in your shopping trolley?

  • Good quality olive oil

  • Grass fed beef

  • Organic eggs

  • Fresh Vegetables

How has GMB helped you on your health journey?

It has opened my eyes to the vast amount of wholefood products available to use.

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What has been your all-time favourite product in our box and why?

There are too many to choose just one!


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