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Why These are our Favourite coffee spots in Sydney

By GMB Health Advisor, Naturopath Amy Hotz

I absolutely love coffee. There’s nothing better than drinking a rich, aromatic coffee on a winter’s day in a cosy café. Sydney’s coffee game is amazing; bustling with speciality coffee shops and cafes that are both passionate and skilled when it comes to making that perfect brew. If, like me, you’re something of a caffeine fiend, check out my top coffee spots around Sydney with a healthy twist!

1. Mecca, Alexandria

I was lucky enough to stumble across Mecca when I was working in Alexandria. This sleek and modern café has got everything going for it – from amiable staff to delicious coffee. I’m such a fan that I always end up buying some of the coffee beans to take home with me (from their in-house roaster) so I can recreate the taste at home. And if you’re feeling peckish while you savour your morning coffee, you can also enjoy their vegan and gluten free breakfast selections. Yum!


2. Harry’s Bondi, Bondi

As a Bondi local I love this busy breakfast spot. Harry’s coffee (and food) is fantastic and well worth the wait. They serve not only an amazing cappuccino, but also offer cold drip coffees, beetroot lattes and have their own house made, sugar-free nut milks. Enjoy a take away while you stroll through the Bondi markets!


3. Earth to Table, Bondi Junction

For all cold-pressed coffee lovers, Earth to Table is a must visit. They serve an organic, cold pressed and fair trade coffee blended with ice and home-made almond milk that is both creamy and delicious. For the chocoholics out there, the ‘give me a high’ blend is a definite winner! This incredible creation blends cold pressed coffee with raw cacao and almond milk for your perfect hit of antioxidants! Oh, and while you’re there – why not treat yourself to a delicious raw cake?!


4. The O Café, Surry Hills

Nourish your body and soul at the original certified organic cafe, The O Café. This Surry Hills hotspot serves an unforgettable Fairtrade and organic coffee blend with every milk option you could want. Enjoy your coffee with their wholesome and delicious menu filled with superfood salads and smoothies. You can also stock up on your favourite organic groceries at this one stop wellness shop!


5. Rough and Bear, Mona Vale

For the northern beaches-based health nuts and coffee lovers, Rough and Bear gets my tick of approval. I love this café’s philosophy – creating nourishing and wholesome food as nature intended. At Rough and Bear everything is organic, which includes their incredible coffee, that can be served with your choice of organic milk and nut milk. They also offer an impressive range of signature hot drinks including a ‘Sherpa’ coffee, which blends organic coffee with grass fed butter and MCT oil!


6. Home-made coffee

Sunday morning coffees in bed are pure indulgence. I always stock a quality, organic and Fairtrade coffee in my pantry. I love the Republica Organic New York blend. It has yummy caramel notes and is super smooth to drink. My go to is to add a teaspoon of coffee with hot water and a dash of coconut milk! I also love a quality aeropress coffee! Find a great quality organic ground bean and press away…

What are your favourite healthy coffee spots? Let us know in the comments below!

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