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First there were pressed drinks, now there’s pressed food!

Cold-pressed juices have had a major moment over the past couple of years, and for good reason. The pressing process separates the fibre from the cells of the fruits and veggies, so the juice doesn’t lose any of the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes (aka the stuff that actually fuels our body!).

Now, pressed food is making its way onto the health scene. We’re into it since discovering the most delicious 'Smoosh'd Wholefood Bites', and we know you GoodnessMe Boxers will be, too.

The concept is pretty similar, and perfect for those who crave convenience and variety with their eating.

Basically, these clever health companies take natural wholefoods that could otherwise be eaten on their own, and simply ‘press’ them together with the help of a machine. Think oats, fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and so on. The ingredients are raw and close to their natural state, and there’s no baking or cooking involved. Pressing the food preserves those yummy nutrients and enzymes, and saves them from the damage they’d face under high heat. This method also doesn’t leave room for artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, which puts a huge smile on our faces! It sets pressed food bars, for example, apart from muesli bars, where cheap ingredients are processed to the point where manufacturers have to add all sorts of sweeteners to get rid of that cardboard flavour.

Since pressed food is unprocessed and made with pure wholefoods, the resulting products are bursting with flavour and nutrition. And because they have no nasties, they’ll leave you feeling satisfied and energised, rather than riding the blood sugar rollercoaster all day. How amazing does that sound?

If you’re keen to try pressed food for yourself, we recommend Naturally Nood’s Smoosh’d Wholefood Bear-Nana Bites. Made with only sultanas, dried banana, sunflower seeds and oats with zero added sugar, the soft, chewy bites will satisfy your hunger (and sweet tooth).

With all the additives pumped into food these days, it’s refreshing to know exactly what you’re eating – and Naturally Nood has nothing to hide. Plus, these bites are the perfect size to stash in your desk drawer or handbag for on-the-go snacking. The vegan treats are also ideal for lunchboxes – one for you, and one for your kids! They come in Straw-Beary and Polar Lemonade flavours, too.

Go on, then – your body deserves all the goodness you can give it.

Have you tried pressed food before? What flavour combination would you like to try?

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