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Five Alternatives to Coffee

By GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine.

Hands up if you can’t go a day without coffee!

If you’re trying to give up or cut back on your favourite brew, here are five coffee substitutes that may be all the pick-me-up you need.

Beetroot Latte



You’ve tried the matcha latte and turmeric latte, and now there’s another wholefood latte in town: the almost too pretty to drink, antioxidant-rich beetroot latte…and it doesn’t taste like borscht, we swear!

We’re loving Knowrish Well’s DIY Gypsy Rose Latte at GMB HQ…the ingredients in this superfood blend - like strawberry, cinnamon and caramel-y roasted carob – work really well with the beetroot’s naturally sweet flavour. You won’t even want to add sugar. And while coffee can temporarily up your blood pressure, the nitrites in beetroot can help to lower blood pressure.

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Dandelion Latte



Coffee is a gastric irritant, and depending on your constitution, it may or may not upset your stomach. Find yourself running to the loo after your latte? It might be worth trying a coffee alternative like dandelion. Roasted dandelion root tea tastes surprisingly similar to coffee, but it works as a digestive aid that’s particularly helpful for soothing a bloated belly. Drink it black or with a dash of milk, or as a creamy dandelion latte, often on the menu at health cafes.

Mushroom Coffee + Mushroom Hot Chocolate



Say what?! That’s right, mushroom-enhanced beverages are another one popping up everywhere…I even ordered a Chaga Mushroom Chai when I was out for breakkie on the weekend (it was surprisingly delicious, and no fungus taste, I promise!).

So what’s the deal with this stuff? Put simply, by adding an energising ‘medicinal mushroom’ like cordyceps to a coffee blend, the amount of coffee can be halved. This means less coffee jitters, but just as much, if not more energy. And while coffee can end up making you feel more anxious, according to traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine, cordyceps provides adrenal (i.e. stress!) support. I may have also stocked up on some Mushroom Hot Cacao Sachets…check out Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee if you’re interested.




This traditional fermented bevvie has been in vogue for quite some time now, doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere! GMB Founder Peta loves this for a 3pm pick-me-up, and a substitute for her second coffee (Remedy Kombucha is her favourite). Those strands you see in your kombucha are where all the gut-loving good bacteria lie…so drink em up!

Good Old Tea!


Don’t underestimate the humble cuppa tea…antioxidant-rich black and green tea will give you caffeine, but in a gentler dose than coffee, so are good options if you’re weaning yourself off caffeine. Green tea also provides a good dose of ‘L-theanine’, which unlike coffee, can make you feel calm.

What’s your go-to coffee substitute? We’d love more ideas!

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