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Five Minutes With: Cook Republic

This week's five-minute foodie is Sneh from Cook Republic. Sneh is a food/lifestyle photographer, cookbook author and awesome stylist.

Time Starts... NOW!

Favourite food joint? I don’t get out much but quite enjoy The Butcher’s Apprentice (Wahroonga)

Your go-to breakfast? Eggs On Toast, Coffee (Winter) / One of my 10-12 ingredient Smoothies (Summer)

First thing you do when you wake in the morning? Stretch. Put the kettle on.

It's date night. Your perfect restaurant would be? Somewhere relaxed, close to home, thoughtful food, progressive but not too fancy.

You have a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. You must be guided by your stomach. Where would you go and why? France. I love the romance of crusty baguettes warm from the boulangerie, a good coffee from a chic café, the countryside markets brimming with foraged mushrooms

The word Wholefood to you means…. Food prepared as close to the source, without additives, pure and unadulterated.

Your favourite food memory is of… Mum teaching me to knead dough when I was about five, of pickling giant jars on our terrace in summer, of playing hide and seek in our local spice market hiding behind sacks full of different coloured spices, of watching our monthly supply of flour being milled, the flour dust settling on my eyelashes and me pretending to be an old lady with white hair and lashes, of stealing mangoes from our neighbour’s tree ….. I could go on :-)

Three health goals for this year? 1) Drink more water 2) Eat dinner before 8:00pm and 3) Continue my quest towards being a staunch vegetarian.

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury

You are known for you ________ recipe? Chickpea Curry

Fill in the blank. I may be full but if you put ________ in front of me I will eat it any day. Sweet Potato Fries

Favourite food quote? Food is a privilege and those who have it are truly blessed!

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