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Five of the Healthiest Beverage Swaps

If you’re looking to make your choice of drink even better for your health, then take a look at our fab suggestions, which - spoiler alert! – even includes wine!

1. Swap: White wine

For: Certified Organic wine such as the Angove Organic range, including their Organic Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay

Organic wines are having a real moment in the spotlight, with a 50% increase in organic wine sales across the nation in the last year alone. Swapping your non-organic wines for a Certified Organic bottle means you may be less likely to suffer from horrible hangovers, which along with dehydration, could be caused by the use of sulphur dioxide, which is found in non-organic wines. Choose Certified Organic wines made from grapes which have been grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides. All Certified Organic products need to go through a three-year accreditation process, so you’ll be confident that by choosing Angove Organic wines, which bears an Australian Certified Organic label, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment and your health.

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2. Swap: Gin

For: Seedlip Spirits

Why: If you’ve decided to go teetotal but still yearn for an ‘ice-and-slice’, then look no further than Seedlip spirits. Hailed as the 'world's first distilled, sugar and additive-free non-alcoholic spirit' it’s made with herbs, botanicals, spices and citrus peels. Best of all, Seedlip contains zero calories, so you’ll feel hydrated and virtuous.

GoodnessMe Box Seedlip

3. Swap: Soft drinks

For: Nexba Kombucha

Why: Boasting that they’ve “removed over 543 tonnes of sugar from the diets of Australians alone” Nexba Kombucha is ideal if you’re looking for a healthy beverage that supports gut health and provides a tasty alternative to calorie laden soft drinks.
GoodnessMe Box Nexba

4. Swap: Flavoured milk

For: Raw C Coconut Milk Coffee

Why: Rather than gulping down unnatural food colourings and unwanted ingredients, Raw C’s range contains no added sugar, sodium or other nasties. They also have coconut water which is a great way to boost your hydration levels, making this a perfect summer swap.

GoodnessMe Box Raw C

5. Swap: Tea bags

For: T2 unbleached tea bags

Why: Keep nasty chemicals out of your daily cup of relaxation by choosing unbleached tea bags. T2s range is organic and their packaging is recycled and compostable too.
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