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Four Forgotten Herbs Your Tummy Will Love You For

By Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor Melissa Fine.

There’s so much more to herbal tea than peppermint and chamomile. Here are some we’ll be sipping on at GoodnessMe Box HQ this winter for good gut health.


And by licorice I mean licorice root tea, not licorice rope! If you like the confectionary though, you’ll probably be a fan of the tea; It tastes really sweet but is sugar free…You’ll also find this herb in digestive tea blends - like Clean Up! from Ruby and Honey Bee Tea - due to its potentially soothing effect on the gut lining; Individuals with irritable bowel syndrome might find it helpful for alleviating digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, indigestion and stomachache.


Slightly earthy in flavour, long, narrow and brown-skinned burdock is consumed as a root vegetable in Japan. Also a good source of ‘inulin’, a dietary fibre with prebiotic properties, burdock root is commonly used in traditional digestive and cleansing teas; Prebiotics create a healthy feeding ground for probiotics in the gut, encouraging beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive.


A traditional digestive herb in the Middle East, aniseed was incorporated into recipes with foods that tend to ferment in the gut - like onion, garlic and cabbage - so to make them easier to digest. Following a meal with aniseed tea is also nice idea, and it can help tame a sweet tooth thanks to aniseed’s sweet, liquorice-like flavour.


As a beverage, roasted dandelion root tastes a lot like coffee, so makes a great caffeine free coffee substitute if you’re trying to cut down on your lattes. And unlike coffee, a gastric irritant, dandelion tea is traditionally used as a mild diuretic to reduce bloating, and due to its bitterness, to stimulate digestion.
Enjoy it black or with a drop of your favourite milk and some honey if you’d like. You can even get delish dandi lattes at health food cafes now.

Ruby and Honey Bee Tea ‘Clean Up!’

A word from Ruby and Honey Bee Tea founder, Katie Barron:

“As a qualified naturopath, I consistently prescribe relaxation to my clients. The art of making tea, combined with the physical health benefits of quality, organic tea is not to be underestimated…I have two daughters – Ruby, and Honey Bee. They are two of the greatest loves of my life, and I have the opportunity to create a gorgeous product with a little bit of my great love. With every package, we strive to:

  • Provide certified organic tea
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Provide a handmade product that we can be proud of”

“Each 50g blend is hand labelled, weighed and sealed…with the intention of health and happiness…to bring you something very special. So grab a moment to sit down and put your feet up. We know you will love these teas as much as we do! Happy sipping!”

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