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GoodnessMe Reveals Top 10 Food Trends for 2022

Every year we see an increase in health awareness, which leads to a rise in new products and the latest food trends. Some trends come and go, while others are here to stay. It’s always fun discovering the next food or product to take the world by storm and in this blog post we’re going to predict some up and comers for the year ahead.

Since the pandemic, we’re finding that more and more people are evaluating their diet and lifestyle habits and optimising them for health. While there are some things we can’t control, we can control our food and lifestyle choices. By nourishing our body with real food and practicing healthy habits, we support and honour our body, assisting in giving it everything it needs to function at its best.

As more and more people turn back to wholefoods, there is a greater demand for health food products and we see so many new and exciting options enter the market. The more health savvy we become, the more the food companies must adapt and bring us a better variety and wider range of healthy options.

Let’s dive into some of the food trends we think are coming (or staying) in 2022:

1. Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms are rising in popularity as we uncover more and more about the varieties that have been used for thousands of years in Eastern Medicine. These little powerhouses have a long list of benefits, and each unique type of mushroom brings its own advantages. From immune supportive, brain boosting and hormone helping to antioxidant rich and apoptogenic, there’s pretty much a medicinal mushroom to help with everything. While more research is needed into the full potential and benefits of mushrooms, these can be a helpful sidekick to support us on our health journey. You can already find mushroom powders, along with mushrooms added to coffee, lattes and more, and in 2022 we predict seeing a rise in mushroom use and products that contain them.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

Superfeast Mason’s Mushrooms

A brilliant way to gain the benefits of 8 different mushrooms in the one go, this jar of Mason’s Mushrooms is a daily staple of mine and can be added to smoothies, lattes or raw sweets.


Nutritionist Choice Shiitake Mushrooms
Adding the magic of medicinal mushrooms to our meals can be done by cooking with medicinal mushrooms. These dried shiitake mushrooms make it easy to add the delicious flavour and nutritional benefits of this mushie.

Superfeast Mushroom M8
If you find it hard to incorporate powders, these mushroom capsules make it easy for us to gain the benefits of the 8 mushrooms inside.


2. Mighty Moringa

Also known as Moringa Oleifera, this plant is an Indian tree that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta-carotene and quercetin, moringa helps combat free radical damage in the body. Moringa is a green powder that can be added into smoothies, enjoyed in superfood lattes, included in your baking or raw treats, and sprinkled into meals.

*Moringa is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

Ceres Organics Moringa Powder

Straight up moringa powder, this product is great for anyone looking to experiment with this food and allows for versatility in its use.


Mindful Foods Stardust Detoxify
I’m a big fan of superfood lattes and matcha is up there. Mindful foods take it up a notch by combining matcha with moringa, broccoli sprouts and spirulina.


3. Non-Alcoholic Spirits

While alcohol is still on the menu, more people are turning towards non-alcoholic beverages spirits. It’s recommended that we consume alcohol in moderation, enjoying up to 2 standard drinks in one sitting. So, having non-alcoholic options to enjoy helps with these guidelines. Non-alcoholic spirits tend to be made from botanicals and natural ingredients. The benefit of them is that it reduces our alcohol intake and therefore reduces the risk of disease that comes with long-term or increased alcohol consumption.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

Naked Life Classic G&T
You can’t go past a classic gin and tonic and this one tastes like the real deal. Being made predominantly of sparkling water, it also supports our hydration.


Naked Life Negroni Spritz
A blend of sweet botanicals, this ready-made mocktail combines bitter with blossom.



4. Brain Boosting Nootropics

Known as cognitive enhancers, nootropics may help boost memory, increase focus and alertness, and raise energy levels. In a time where everyone is busy and wanting to be productive, there’s more of a focus on brain function than ever. Nootropics include herbs and compounds such as ginkgo biloba, caffeine, L-theanine, rhodiola rosea, ginseng and brahmi.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

Mindful Foods Cacao Brain Bower
This sprinkle not only has the benefits of the organic and activated nuts and seeds, but it also contains nootropics like ginkgo, gotu kola, brahmi and tulsi. Use it as a granola, top your smoothie with it or enjoy it as a snack and know you’re getting the brain boosting benefits that come with it.


Planet Organic Ginseng Plus Tea
Ginseng tea is often sipped on with focus in mind. When you’re sitting down to work on a task or project, this tea can be by your side supporting your concentration as you get it done.


Nutra Organics Clean Energy Natural Pre Workout
Designed to boost your energy, this natural pre-workout from Nutra Organics utilises the power of nootropics such as coffee, ginkgo, ginseng, green tea and yerba mate.


5. Functional Fizzy Drinks

Speaking of nootropics, we’re seeing them being featured in soft drink alternatives. Functional fizzy drinks are like a healthy soft drink, but with added benefits. They tend to have herbal extracts or added vitamins and minerals, giving us the fizzy satisfaction with a side of added nutrition.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

No Ugly Focus
Containing ginkgo, ginseng, green tea and L-theanine we can see some nootropics for enhanced cognitive function in the ingredient line up of this drink. It also has added vitamins and is the perfect example of a functional fizzy drink.


Nexba Focus
Part of Nexba’s new nootropic range, this drink is designed to help boost our focus and contains some helpful herbs to do just that.


6. Healthy Hibiscus

You may have heard of hibiscus because of the beautiful flower that it is, but did you know that you can consume hibiscus in a tea or powdered form? Hibiscus is packed full of antioxidants and can help our body fight off free radical damage. In the wellness world, hibiscus is known for potential to help lower blood pressure. There are a number of other things hibiscus may be involved in, including liver health and weight loss.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

La Mav Age Defence Organic Beauty Tea
Allowing us to enjoy hibiscus in tea form, this organic blend combines skin loving foods into a delicious beauty tea.


Nutra Organics Velvet Latte
Powdered hibiscus accompanied by beetroot, warming spices and prebiotic foods. This velvet latte is an enjoyable way to sip on hibiscus and gain its benefits.

7. Loving Linseed

While linseed may not seem like anything special, the amazing benefits of this super seed shouldn’t be overlooked. Ground into a meal, it becomes an even better source of dietary fibre and can support digestive health and regular bowel motions. It’s also a great plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to consume through our diet as our body doesn’t make them. Full of healthy fats and fibre, sprinkle linseed or linseed meal on to any number of meals and recipes. Hot tip: keep linseed and/or linseed meal in the fridge to protect the healthy fats and oils inside.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

Ceres Organics Ground Flaxseed
Already ground into a meal for you, this product makes it easy to consume linseed and gain the benefits it has to offer. Add it to smoothies, stir it through porridge or bircher, sprinkle it over meals or use it to make flax eggs, there’s many things you can do with this versatile little seed.


The Protein Bread Co 6 Seeds Bread Mix
A fun way to incorporate linseeds and up level your bread game, this mix from The Protein Bread Co can be a great staple to have on hand. It can help you whip up your own homemade bread with the added benefits of seeds like linseed.


8. Wholefood Supplements

With the move towards real food ingredients, it makes sense that supplements will slowly make this shift too. While there is definitely a time and place for normal supplements, we can get a lot from the wholefoods that are high in particular vitamins and minerals too. Being packaged up in this real food form also brings other compounds, vitamins and minerals that can benefit our health, rather than just providing us with the isolated nutrients.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

Eden Health Wild C Powder
From berries and other fruits, to herbs, the real foods inside this product are a fantastic source of vitamin C. We also get the full package of other vitamins and minerals that these foods contain.


Green Nutritionals Marine Magnesium
Derived from algae, this wholefood form of magnesium is highly bio-available and means we get more bang for our buck. Another example of getting bonus nutrients via the wholefood form, this product provides us with trace amounts of 74 plant-based minerals.


Bare Blends Daily Adapt
Helping our body adapt to stress through a number of amazing herbs, this wholefood supplement from Bare Blends utilises the power of nature to support our nervous system.

9. Adaptogenic Herbs

Used in herbal medicine and becoming much more mainstream, adaptogens help our body adapt to stress. They generally come in the form of herbs or mushrooms (which we’ve covered earlier in this post) and we’re seeing more and more products feature the benefits of these foods. Adaptogenic herbs include things like tulsi, ashwagandha, rhodiola, schisandra, shilajit and more. There is also some cross over between adaptogens and nootropics, with ginseng falling under both categories. In a time where everyone seems to be stressed and mental health is a more important topic than ever, we foresee adaptogens becoming a big trend.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

Organic India Tulsi Tea
Tulsi has been used for its adaptogenic properties for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. An enjoyable way to consume it is in tea form and Organic India bring us a delicious range to maximise these benefits.



Ceres Organics Ashwagandha Powder
This ashwagandha powder from Ceres Organics is easy to add to smoothies, lattes and raw treats, allowing us to gain the adaptogenic properties of this superfood ingredient.

10. Constructive Collagen

Collagen has had its rise to fame, and we think it’s here to stay for 2022. A type of protein, collagen provides structure and strength and is found in our bones, muscles, skin, tendons and ligaments. While our body can naturally synthesise collagen, this decreases with age. Hence the increase in products containing this protein, or the nutrients that support its production.

Top Picks from the GoodnessMe Shop:

Nutra Organics Collagen Body
This collagen from Nutra Organics (and the others in their collagen range) is a great product to incorporate when we want to add collagen to our diet.


Nutraviva Marine Collagen
Sourced from the ocean, this marine collagen comes from wild caught cod and is one of the best quality marine options on the market.


Edible Beauty Native Collagen

A plant-based option that contains amazing real food ingredients that are high in the nutrients needed for collagen production, natural beauty and skin health.

There we have it! 10 food trends that we foresee being a big part of 2022. Some of them you may already have in your pantry, others may be new to you. Either way you can stock up on all of these wonderful real foods via the GoodnessMe shop. Here’s to 2022 being your healthiest year yet!














About the author: Shahna Sarpi is a qualified nutritionist that is on a mission to help people live a nourished life through real food and healthy habits. She loves simplifying food labels and helping people make healthier food choices. Shahna is passionate about spreading the real food message and supporting people in living a healthy life.
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