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GoodnessMe’s Christmas Feast: Our Wholefood Holiday Menu


By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

Who says your Christmas spread can’t be tasty and good for you? If you’re looking for some menu inspo for a healthier silly season, here’s a taste of what we’ll be serving up at our holiday gatherings.  










Drinks Without the Hangover 

Whether or not you and/or your guests contribute to the growing number of Australians who have given up alcohol (currently 1.19 million, according to 2019s National Drug Strategy Household Survey), these alcohol-free bevvies - featured in this month’s Festive Box - will go down a treat. 

  • Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee: Crisp and uber-refreshing, now everyone has something special to say cheers with, thanks to Edenvale’s alcohol removed wine.
  • Remedy Wild Berry Kombucha: One for the beer and cider-fans, Remedy’s latest gut-loving brew comes complete with a vibrant red hue that screams Christmas.  
  • Soda Press Co Blueberry & Lime Organic Soda Syrup: With 50% less sugar than a standard soft drink and no artificial ingredients, this is a soda we can get behind. And because it’s full of real flavour, a little bit goes a long way; simply add 15ml (3 teaspoons) to a glass of iced sparkling water with a slice of lime and a handful of blueberries for a low-sugar, alcohol-free beverage that feels a bit fancy. 
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    GoodnessMeGoodnessMe Soda Press

    Easy Entrees, Thanks to: 

  • Ceres Organics Himalayan Salt Chickpea Crisps: Made with jasmine brown rice and chickpeas, we’ll be serving these oven-baked bites of goodness piled high with a side of our Roasted Capsicum and Cashew dip. Definitely keep a couple extra packets of crisps handy for top-ups. 
  • Eat to Live Oat Barley Cakes with Flaxseed: The finishing touch on a cheese platter (which really, you can’t go wrong with), these wholegrain crackers featured in this month’s Health Box serve as the perfect blank canvas for both sweet and savoury toppings. 
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    Mains for Every Dietary 

    We’re thinking Jackfruit Tacos (Christmas on a plate) for the plant-based peeps, and our One-Pan Salmon and Veggies to keep everyone happy. 

    Simple Sides

    • Hart & Soul Mediterranean Couscous: A side dish without the stress, this all natural couscous mix (find it in this month’s Health Box) takes all of 10 minutes to make. Pro-tip: Serve cold and toss with rocket, fetta, olives and tomatoes; dress with olive oil and fresh lemon juice and you have a vibrant and hearty Greek-inspired salad. If you’re gluten-free, Hart & Soul also do awesome risotto and paella mixes. 
    • This speedy Fattoush Salad with Ceres Chickpea Crisps.

      The Ultimate, Easiest Dessert Board 

      Skip the Christmas cake that barely anyone touches and ‘make’ this instead. Simply layer your favourite chocolates (Alter Eco’s Mint Creme Truffles look especially festive) with loads of berries and cherries; a fail-safe dessert that will have everyone coming back for seconds. 


      You can find these and more over on the GoodnessMe Shop!


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