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Herbs That Love Your Nerves

By Naturopath, Yoga Teacher & GoodnessMe Box Health Advisor Amy Hotz.

As a naturopath herbal teas are my preferred way to nourish the nervous system and calm a busy mind. Besides tasting super delicious, and a social drink to have with your friends, drinking herbal tea is an affordable way to restore vitality and enjoy your food as medicine. There are some beautiful herbs that have been traditionally used to help elevate your mood, help you sleep and boost your energy levels. Here are some of my favourite herbs that nourish and love the nervous system.

1. Lavender

This beautiful purple flower is one of the better-known herbs for promoting relaxation. It has a sweet and soothing aroma that can promote the ultimate feeling of calmness. This tea is fantastic for those who have trouble sleeping and those looking to reduce anxiety levels. Try this beautiful herb in the Your Tea Sleep Blend.

2. Rose flowers

Who doesn’t love getting roses? Well this beautiful mild flower is not just for romance but may also is a nervous system soother and can help reduce anxiety, boosting your mood. They also add a beautiful splash of colour to your herbal tea.

3. Chrysanthemum

A popular and traditionally used Chinese herb. It has a beautiful mild aroma and may help elevate mood by helping quiet anxiety and balance nerves. This herb steals the show in the Happy Your Tea blend.

4. Liquorice root

One of my all time favourite herbs- liquorice is a must have herb for any stressed, burnt out individual with a super busy mind. Liquorice root can help restore the adrenal glands and is essential for the insomniacs. It has a delightfully sweet flavor to curb those cravings too.

5. American Ginseng

How could I talk about nervous system herbs without mentioning a beautiful ginseng? American ginseng (not to be confused with Panax or Siberian ginseng) is known as an energizer and a stress reducer. This herb boosts our energy levels without over-stimulating. Sip on the Your Tea Energy blend to get your dose of ginseng.

So next time you are feeling a little on edge, put on the kettle, and pour yourself a cup of soothing herbal tea.

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