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How To Snack Smarter

Often our efforts to eat healthily can come undone come snack time. Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor Melissa Fine shares her tips on how to snack right.

Don’t…Snack from the Bag

Or you’re likely to eat way more than you intended. It’s easy to have another handful and another handful of even the healthiest of snacks when you can’t really gauge how much you’ve consumed.

Do…Eat off a Plate

So you can actually see what and how much you’re eating…Remember we eat with our eyes… Put it on a plate and I bet you’ll feel satisfied from a smaller serving.

Don’t…Buy a Large

Sure it may only cost a couple dollars more to get a large smoothie but must of us don’t need a snack the size of a main meal, even if it’s made with wholesome ingredients.

Do…Order a Small

And you’ll be practicing portion control…plus you won’t spoil your dinner.

Don’t…Go Unprepared

Or you’re likely to fall victim to the vending machine, only to regret that king size choccie or chips an hour later.

Do…Some Food Prep

It’s worth setting aside 15-30 minutes on Sunday night and mid-week prepping or making some healthy snacks to take to work or uni in the days ahead. Some ideas:

  • D.I.Y Trail Mix: Combine your favourite nuts, seeds and dried fruit in a bowl – I like raw almonds, pepitas coconut chips and goji berries for a pop of colour. Divide into handful-sized portions in small zip-lock bags or containers.
  • Nut Butter Stuffed Medjool Dates: Simply stuff some pitted Medjool dates with a teaspoon each of natural peanut or almond butter…tastes like nutty caramel. One or two of these gives you a balanced snack that satisfies a sweet tooth.
  • Veggie crudités with Hummus or Tahini: Try juicy carrot, capsicum and cucumber with a little container of dip. Crunchy snacks like this are great because they take time to eat, encouraging you to chew and register that you’re eating.
  • Protein Balls, or if you’re short for time, some Harvest Box Health Bombs – all natural, cold-pressed, bite-sized balls of dried fruit and nuts, these babies are perfect for when you’re on the go (and their Banana Smoothie Bombs hit the spot – with banana, papaya and quinoa, this tropical tasting treat is different to any other protein or bliss ball I’ve tried).

Don’t…Snack in the Car

…or in front of the TV, or while you’re on your phone, as you’ll be eating without realising that you’re actually eating.

Do…Snack Sitting Down

So that your brain can register that you’re sitting down and eating. You’re less likely to go back for a second serving as you’ll feel more satisfied.

Don’t…Snack on Diet Foods

Yes they may be lower in energy than the non-diet alternative, but let’s be honest - Fat free diet foods either taste like cardboard or air. This is because after removing the fat, food manufacturers compensate for the flavour and mouth-feel that fat provides by adding in a heap of synthetic thickeners, sweeteners and flavours.

Do…Snack on Real Food

A wholefood snack made with natural ingredients you recognise will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied. Take full fat yoghurt: You’ll probably find you need less of it than the diet alternative to feel full.

What are your snacking tips?

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