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How This Organic Tea Brand Puts People & The Planet Before Profits

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist/Product Advisor

From a bold English Breakfast to get us going in the AM, to a cup of chamomile to wind down with before bed, we can’t go a day without a tea (or three) at GoodnessMe; but not just any tea. We’re just as picky with our daily cuppa of choice as we are with our chocolate.

We’ve popped some Organic India Tea in the October Conscious Box - and not just because we drink bottomless cups of the stuff. From improving outcomes for their farmers to making sustainable agricultural practices their non-negotiable, here’s a snapshot of what these guys are doing to contribute to the bigger picture. 







The People

Having joined forces with over 2,000 rural family farmers in India over the business’s lifetime of 23 years, Organic India prides itself on its sustainable business model: one that covers the farmers’ organic certification and organic agricultural training costs, and purchases the farmers’ organic crops and herbs at a premium price. This gives impoverished farmers the means to support themselves and their families, but also the skills and education to see them prosper from one generation to the next. 

With over 70% of India’s population inhabiting rural areas, and more than half of their workforce relying on agriculture for their income, Organic India’s business model has been life-changing for rural family farmers. In saying that, the founders refer to the farmers as “the roots of the brand”. Without them, there would be no Organic India; the sense of community and opportunity they bring are the ultimate driving force. 

The Planet 

Organic India is all about regenerative farming practices that have the ability to reverse climate change, “[going] beyond the standards of organic certification.” Think enhancing soil fertility to facilitating biodiversity through crop rotation (the farmers rotate between cultivating tea for Organic India and organic food for themselves and their families). “Together we have transformed more than 10,000 acres of chemically ravaged soil into fields of abundance [through practices] that serve, honour and protect the biodiversity of the earth.” 

On top of this, the brand’s strict compliance with international organic standards helps preserve everything from clean water sources to thriving soil, all while doing no harm to animals and wildlife. 

The Product 

From the farm to your teacup, you can rest assured that true to the name, Organic India teas are free from the nasties you may find in conventionally-grown teas, namely herbicides and pesticides. Choose Organic India and you’ll be getting nothing but the goodness of organic Indian herbs like calming tulsi in every cup - all while voting with your wallet for a product that’s all about the people... and the planet. 

You'll find Organic India teas in the October Box and available to purchase online over on the GoodnessMe Shop!

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