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How the wrong detox drink is harmful to your health

By Nutritionist, Melissa Fine

You know the silly season is over when every second ad on the TV or radio is for a detox product of some sort. While some detox beverages are A-okay, there are others we’d rather leave on the shelf. Here is the real deal on certain detox drinks out there.

1. Some of them are really laxative teas

Yep. Unfortunately there are some detox powders and teas on the market that are really ‘quick fix’ weight loss products in disguise…Let’s just say you’ll probably want to be in a vicinity with a bathroom if you take a tea made entirely with senna, a herb which serves as a laxative.

At GMB, when we think ‘detox’, we don’t want a product that leaves you feeling drained and depleted. Rather, we want something that will give our insides some goodness, like In2Tea’s Hibiscus gentle Detox Tea; a combo of nothing but organic Chinese black tea, hibiscus petals, rose petals, lemon and stevia, this tastes lovely and gives you plenty of antioxidants to promote cellular health, as well as immune-boosting vitamin C.

2. They can reduce nutrient absorption

This is the case with detox teas that solely serve as laxatives. Another concern with this is the fluid loss that comes with the diarrhea, and subsequent risk of dehydration.

3. They can make you HAN-GRY

A hardcore version of a certain detox diet for instance involves drinking a lemon concoction and not eating solids for 10 days, with maple syrup in the mix to prevent you from passing out...who’s excited?!

What will make you even hangrier? Realising halfway through that you’ve spent your $$ on a product that’s pretty much sugar water, and which is playing havoc on your blood sugar.

4. They may lead to weight gain

Sure, the aforementioned can lead to fast weight loss, but that’s because you’re barely eating while on it. By the time the detox diet is over, I’m pretty sure a salad isn’t the first thing you’ll want – a burger and a large pizza every day for a week is more likely, and then some.

This is why the concept of a detox should not be about deprivation, but rather about having a break from toxins like alcohol and nourishing your body with wholefoods – that’s your 2 fruit and at least 5 veg a day, along with whole grains, nuts and seeds and quality protein (think free range chicken and oily fish like sardines). Green tea is a nice idea too, and a good coffee substitute (we’re sipping on In2Tea’s Ginger Green Tea at GMB HQ).

5. They’re not always about good health

A detox drink that markets itself by telling you something along the lines of, ‘You’ll drop a dress size in X amount of days’, should be seen as a red flag. Be skeptical of anything promising fast results, and if you do want to do a post silly season cleanse, do it to be healthy and to be kind to your body.

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