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Ingredient Essentials for a Healthy Mexican Feast

A Mexican spread is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. It can cater to all dietaries and lets each guest build their bowl or tortilla exactly how they like. Use these wholefood ingredients at your next Mexican dinner and watch everyone go back for more. 

Mt Elephant Seriously Smokin

A good seasoning is an absolute essential when cooking up a Mexican feast! Mt Elephant Seriously Smoking Sprinkle utilises the delicious flavours of real spices, without any of the nasties. It also features the nutritious hemp seed, which is a great way to boost the protein and healthy fat content of your meal. 

Ingredients to look out for in your Mexican seasonings include sugar, fillers and artificial flavours. Sadly, many Mexican spice mixes contain a large amount of added sugar, with some being up to one third sugar. Many seasonings also contain highly processed ingredients that act as cheap fillers to bulk them up. Because they use fillers, rather than spices, some also contain artificial flavours to make them more tasty! When it’s artificial or made in a lab, it’s an easy no for us. We’ll take the real spices of the Mt Elephant Sprinkles over these nasties anyday.


For Your Guac: Herbamare Herbed Sea Salt

Skip the processed commercial guac seasonings (full of added sugars and bulking agents) and use a pinch of Herbamare from this month’s box instead; it gives you real flavour from nothing but salt, herbs, and veggies (including kelp for some iodine). 


For Your Tortilla Chips: Temole Tomato Salsa Avocado Chips

Avocado chips are a thing and they are awesome. Made with avocado, brown rice, corn and Mexican spices, these are baked and a much more nutritious alternative to plain old fried corn chips. 


For Your Salad: Pimp My Salad Coconut Bacon 

A staple in the GoodnessMe pantry, this will add crunch, fibre, and a smoky, meaty flavour to any salad or burrito bowl. 


For Your Protein: Mingle Taco Mexican Fiesta Seasoning 

Our go-to spice blend for a Mexican cookup, we love this because it’s easy, preservative-free, and jazzes up whatever protein you’re serving (try chicken, beef, or even tofu). 


For the Plant-Based Guests: Plantasy Foods Mexican Fiesta Protein Patty

Have a plant-based protein option ready in minutes with this wholesome patty mix. It’s gluten-free and made with high fibre ingredients like lupin (a legume), chia seeds, coconut flour and flaxseed. Serve on top of a salad or stuffed in a tortilla. 


For a Fun Side: Upton’s Chilli Lime Jackfruit Carnitas 

Don’t knock this till you try it. Jackfruit is surprisingly meaty and might even get the meat eaters’ tick of approval when paired with the right flavours like it is here. Pan fry for a few minutes and you’re done. 


For Creaminess: Plantasy Foods Creamy Cheez Sauce Mix 

Made with natural ingredients like coconut milk powder, nutritional yeast and chickpea miso, we substitute sour cream with this stuff and it’s everything. Easy to whip up last-minute too. 


For Spice: Mingle Spicy Mexican Blend

If you like your veggies with a kick, you’ll love this sprinkle-on-anything spice blend. Unlike the Mexican spice blends from the supermarket, this one has no added sugars or fillers. Be warned: it’s hot. 


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