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Moderation NOT Deprivation. A Guide To Enjoying Sweet Treats.

Hands up if you have a sweet tooth? Us, too. It’s normal to crave sugary foods  – as women, it’s the way we’re wired. And it’s also fine to treat yourself every now and then. The key is controlling the environment and your emotions about eating those sweets… In other words, practicing moderation!

Here at GMB, we don’t believe in the all-or-nothing approach. We don’t follow deprivation diets, or advocate bingeing. We do believe in sustainable eating, mindfulness and treating ourselves without guilt. Learning balance is all part of developing a healthy relationship with food, so the next time you feel like something sweet, try these tips and tricks.

Only buy what you need

You know how the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. To cut down on sweets, limit how much you purchase! After all, if it’s not there, you can’t eat it – and when you learn to live without it, you’ll miss it less and less. By all means, buy a few of your favourite treats to keep on hand, but spend your time at the shops stocking up on healthy snacks like nuts, hummus, berries and yoghurt. Also, to slow the body’s absorption of sugar, try to eat your sweets after a meal. This’ll make sure your blood sugar levels don’t come crashing down.

Eat mindfully

Eat your sweets in the same way you would any other meal: slowly and mindfully. This just means being fully aware of the food you’re eating; savouring the smell, taste and texture, and chewing until it turns to liquid. Tune in to your body and enjoy that treat, because we all need a little sweetness in our lives! Instead of thinking “I shouldn’t be eating this”, focus on the pleasure. You’re ‘good’ most of the time; you’ve earned it.

Go for small portions

Often, just a bite or two of something sweet will satisfy the craving. So, when the urge strikes, opt for a delicately sized dessert, chocolate bar, or whatever you’re nibbling on. Enjoy it consciously, then wait ten minutes before going back for seconds. This is why moderation works: it allows you to eat the foods you love, without feeling sick or sorry afterwards. Remember, when you deprive yourself of food, you give it a power it doesn’t deserve.

Look for nutritional value

Yes, it is possible to eat sweets that are healthy! The key is choosing goodies that are free from refined sugar and preservatives. And in today’s health-crazy world, it’s easier than you think. We’re obsessed with LuvSum’s Pick-Me-Up Paleo Snack Balls in Cashew & Caramel. Thanks to their (seriously cool) activated nut shell, they’re the perfect mix of creamy and crunchy. Best of all, they contain only natural ingredients and are free from gluten, dairy and added sugars. So go on, get snack happy!

Don’t beat yourself up

Finally, we all slip up sometimes and go overboard, and that’s okay. When that happens, go back to eating healthily at the next meal, and remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day. There’s absolutely no point punishing yourself for making a mistake. All you can do is move on and practice moderation the next time around.

What’s your favourite sweet treat? How do you keep cravings in check?

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