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My Day On A Plate: Eating for Strength Training with Harriet

Harriet Walker is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian with over 5 years experience working with clients, teams and corporate clients.

Harriet works online via her business Athletic Eating and with the sports supplement legends at Body Science. She has spent over 5 years studying nutrition and dietetics (Bachelor degree and master’s degree) and has worked with over 500 clients one-on-one.

Harriet has had a passion for sports from a very young age. She competed in rowing, bodybuilding, strongman, surf boat rowing and CrossFit. You will find Harriet helping clients improve their nutrition, in the kitchen coming up with new recipes, writing, blog posting and podcasting about nutrition…or in the gym. 

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Here is Harriet's Day On A Plate...



Body Science Clean Coffee (120mg of caffeine to boost my workout!) and 1 banana.

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Porridge with 1/3 cup of traditional rolled oats, 1 tsp brown sugar, 2 tsp chia seeds and full cream milk plus a scoop of Body Science Ultra Whey with 300ml water or coconut water. 



A punnet of strawberries, a small handful of almonds or walnuts and maybe some Greek yoghurt with a few tablespoons of muesli if I have a big training day.



Some type of lean protein like grilled chicken plus a plate of mixed veggies, about a cup of brown rice or quinoa and avocado. If I am busy, I will grab a salad bowl out or order ahead and get some Muscle Chef meals. 

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Afternoon tea

A Body Science Clean protein bar or a small slice of sourdough with an egg and hummus.



Dinner is pretty similar to lunch. I will alternate the protein source and include a small steak or salmon, half a plate of veggies or salad and wholegrain carb source. 

After dinner, I might have some chocolate or a glass of milk if I am still hungry. I make sure I listen to my hunger cues, especially on heavy training days to ensure I am recovering ahead of the next day. 

I try to keep it pretty simple and healthy most of the time, but have no problems hooking into a burger and fries or a pizza and wine when the mood strikes! 

GoodnessMe Box Harriet Walkers

GoodnessMe Box Harriet Walkers


Harriet's typical day of training...

I definitely go through phases with my training, depending on what sport I am doing. At the moment I am loving more of a conditioning focus in my training after a solid few years of building up strength for strongman competitions.

Each morning I will either head to a cross-fit class or do a session from the 98 Gym Online program, which is programmed by Kev Toonen, and is split between strength and conditioning. I think it is really important to focus on performance and your own personal best in training, rather than on looking a certain way, or burning calories, and my training sessions reflect that; always looking to work on a specific area of athletic performance.

After training its home to a big breakfast to refuel and get going with my day. I work from home so I am pretty lucky I can just walk down the hall to my office (although the snack temptation is real).

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For more about Harriet Walkers, find her on Instagram , visit her Website, or her FB page- Harriet Walker Nutrition and Fitness.

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