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My Day on a Plate: Health and Fitness Expert Kim Beach

Kim Beach is an incredibly successful health and fitness expert who has over half a million fans on Facebook due to her inspiring health & fitness programs, helping thousands of women achieve their personal health goals.

In July 2016 Kim started investigating the Vegan lifestyle in an effort to better understand all there is to know about being vegan and how to develop a healthy and sustainable program for her fans. Kim thoroughly enjoyed eating this way and has shared with us her Vegan Day on a Plate.

Kim's Day on A Plate....

Early Morning

I always start my day with overnight oats which I prep the night before (or sometimes I will do 2 or 3 at once to save time during the week) and when I wake up at 6am my oats are ready and waiting to be dressed up with some berries and chia seeds. I then hit the computer to check my emails and sneak in around half an hours work before my kids wake up. These oats give me long lasting energy so I can hit the gym at 9:30am and train hard.

Morning Tea

After my morning workout which either includes a weight session, a HIIT sessions or hot yoga class I head straight home around 11am and have morning tea which varies but my favourite would have to be my Mexican Black Bean dips with veggie sticks which is loaded with good carbs, protein and fibre – the best post workout meal. I will prep this dip on a Sunday so there is enough for a few days. I will then work solidly to around 2:30pm before I go and get my kids from school.


Lunch for me is around 1pm and my favourite meal is a baked sweet potato topped with hummus and black beans – so delicious. Again I will bake 2 sweet potatoes on a Sunday, let them cool then put them in an airtight container ready for meals during the week. I will then just cut the sweet potato down the middle and microwave it for a minute and top it


Afternoon tea is at around 4pm after I have picked my kids up from school. It is normally either a handful of tamari almonds and a green veggie juice OR some guacamole celery boats which are really tasty. I will always add in my good fats into this meal to avoid cravings and also to make me feel good and satisfied.


For dinner I love a good stir fry, my favourite is a lentil stir fry cooked up with a little water, garlic and onion then adding in all my vegetables with a splash of tamari and a drizzle of pure maple syrup. Bring it to boil, then cover and simmer for around 5 minutes. Too easy. I like to have dinner nice and early around 6pm and I will have a peppermint tea before I go to bed. When it comes to dessert I don’t normally crave anything but occasionally my kids will want ice cream so I do up my signature chocolate gelato which is always a hit!

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