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My Day on a Plate: Pro Tennis Star, Lizette Cabrera

Lizette Cabrera is an Australian pro tennis player of only 20 years. She made her Grand Slam debut in 2017, competing in all four slams and just last week competed at the Australian Open where she played an impressive set, closely loosing out to Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maia.

Winning three singles titles on the ITF Pro Circuit and over half a dozen doubles titles over the past two years she is clearly a force to be reckoned with. She also currently holds a WTA career high singles ranking of 134!

Having achieved such extraordinary results in her short career, we wanted to know how she fuels her body to get through six days a week of high intensity training and frequent travel—so we sat down to find out her day on a plate!


Lizette's day on a plate...

I’m a professional tennis player. I love food and anyone who knows me knows that I love to eat! Being a professional athlete means I need to be eating healthy. Nothing too strict but obviously I want to be fuelling my body with the right foods so I can train hard and compete at my best in tournaments.

I train 6 days a week so it’s super important that I eat enough to help me get through the day.



When I wake up I like to have a glass of water before making breaky. Lately, I’ve been having two pieces of Avo on multigrain toast with a boiled egg. Depending on how I’m feeling I like to mix up the way I cook my eggs. I also have some fruit on the side.



I’m in the gym preparing to go on court. I like to keep my water bottle handy as it’s super important to hydrate.



I’m on the tennis court practicing and I usually pack either sports gel or a piece of fruit to help me get through the session. I also have water and another sports drink on court.



I’m finished training and I head to the locker room to shower and get ready for lunch.




I usually pack my lunch and that usually consists of the Coles already cooked salmon with some brown rice, quinoa and some veggies on the side. But when I don’t pack lunch I usually go to some of my favourite cafes for lunch. Recently, I was at a tournament in Canberra and I went to this awesome café called Eighty/Twenty for lunch and got the Japanese bowl. It had sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli and lots of other greens, brown rice and salmon. It was delicious!



I’m back on court and hydrating again with my water and sometimes a sports drink if needed.



Gym time! Which means another snack. I usually pack my Carmans fruit and nut muesli bar to have before or during the session for an extra boost of energy.




I’m trying to gain muscle so I have my Isowhey protein shake after every gym or tough tennis/conditioning session.



Dinner varies from night to night. But my go to when it comes to dinner is very simple it may be a stir-fry or just some sort of protein with some rice and veggies!




I like to have a fruit salad with whatever fruits in season!



I like to finish the night off with a mug of green tea and sometimes two small squares of lint 70% cacao dark chocolate.



Bed time, it's important I get my beauty sleep for another big day of training the next day.



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