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My Day On A Plate: PT Superstar Tegan

Tegan Haining has been a PT for 11 years and published her own book 'The 7 Day Quickie' in 2017. Even though she stays super busy with clients and also running her online business, Tegan always prioritises balancing work with self-care.

Tegan experienced working 14hr days, little sleep, no time to meal prep or train and found herself struggling to be telling people how to look after themselves when her own health was suffering. She is now mindful to include strength training, stretching and 80% healthy eating into her week, every week!


Here is a peek into Tegan's day on a plate...

Morning Ritual

I ALWAYS have two large glasses of warm water as soon as I wake up. Lately, I have also been having a Chinese herbal nourishing tea from my acupuncturist.


Usually eggs and sauerkraut or a smoothie. This mornings smoothie was: full-fat milk, VPA Vanilla Protein, ½ mango, 1 tsp chia seeds, a handful of roasted hazelnuts & ¼ avocado.

GoodnessMe Box Tegan Haining


Some kind of Protein with greens and complex carbs. I had this delicious Seared Tuna and Brown Rice Salad recently in Byron.

GoodnessMe Box Tegan Haining


Well, it’s not really a snack but I love drinking collagen hydrolase powder for my joints and also to combat wrinkles! Vida Glow Mango flavour is also great! My other favourite snack is Chicken Liver Pate on Barley and Rye Toast. I make my own Pate to ensure I use Organic Grass-Fed Butter. 

GoodnessMe Box Tegan Haining


Green Soup from Star Anise with extra shredded chicken, parmesan and barley and rye toasted croutons. 

How does Tegan stay active...

I do two weight lifting strength classes twice a week at Fitness Culture in Bondi Junction. Lifting weights is essential to maintaining lean muscle mass as we get older. This not only helps to keep us injury free but also to burn more body fat and keep a toned physique. Too many people choose to only do cardio-based classes which always work in the short term to lose weight but not in the long term for staying injury-free. 

I try and do yoga and pilates once per week also. But this is depending on my schedule! My fiancé and I also have a mini-rehab centre going on in our lounge room. We often lay in front of the TV rolling on balls, stretching with bands and lying on foam rollers. This kind of self-care takes little effort but the rewards are excellent for reducing aches and pains as we get older!

So a typical day's activities might be:

6.30-9.30am – training clients

10.30-11.00am – Pre-training foam rolling/stretching/activation drills for myself

11.00-12.00pm – Strength Session

8.00-8.30pm – Foam Rolling, Ball rolling, Stretches at home.

GoodnessMe Box Tegan Haining

For more about Tegan find her on Instagram or visit her Website.

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