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My Day On A Plate: Founder of THE BOD Sophie Guidolin

Sophie Guidolin is not your average social media ‘fitspo’. Sure, she has the fitness credentials – a qualified nutritionist, master trainer, internationally awarded bikini competitor and fitness model. But she’s also a mum of four, entrepreneur, author and wholefoods cook. An avid foodie, Sophie has built her brand around clean eating, living clean year-round, and following macro-led nutrition principles, she is also the founder of the wildly successful program - THE BOD.

Happiest creating in the kitchen with her fam on Meal Prep Sundays, Sophie is currently developing two new recipe books due for release later this year.

On food

I live by my macros. For me, it’s the ultimate in food freedom – I can eat what I want, when I want, and still achieve my physique and performance goals. I never binge or crave foods, because I fit my favourite flavours into every day.

On fitness

Training is my ‘me-time’. It’s the one thing that boosts my mood, confidence, ability to handle stress and mental clarity.


My alarm goes off at 4am and I sneak out of the house to train before the kids wake up. A grab-and-go brekky that I can eat in the car – and makes no noise to wake the kids! – is vital, so overnight oats are gold. I mix oats, chia seeds, crushed peanuts, my Happy Way protein powder, maple syrup and cinnamon to get a hit of carbs, protein and healthy fats to power my workout. Then it’s headphones on, world off!

Morning tea

My mornings are hectic – school run, emails, creating content for my fitness program THE BOD, reviewing samples for my swimwear line Salis Society, writing my recipe books and the million other details that come with running multiple businesses. I live for my coffee, so morning tea is a double shot capp and a slice of whatever I’ve baked during my regular Meal Prep Sundays: banana bread, coconut bread, even a muesli bar. My current fave is my rhubarb and raspberry morning loaf. Delish!



I often eat at my desk to power through my inbox. Leftovers from the night before, or a wrap with chicken or tuna keeps me going.

Afternoon tea

A quick protein hit to get me through the school pick-up, homework, dinner, bath and bedtime routine with my four children. Greek yoghurt or my home-made hummus with veggie sticks is a winner.


Butter chicken with rice and veggies. We bulk-cook and freeze individual serves to make dinner simple and fast so we can all eat together – with two-year old twins, dinner is early in our household, which leaves time for me to jump back online after the kids are in bed and get back to work!


Sophie is a nutritionist, master trainer, gym owner, author, mother of four and world-renowned fitness model. After gaining almost 30 kilos in her first pregnancies, Sophie started weight training and changed her diet, losing the weight and gaining a passion for health and fitness. Founder of THE BOD body transformation programs, Sophie adopts a macro-led nutrition approach, which combined with weight training contributed to her winning Gold at the Arnold Classic (2017) just one year after giving birth to twin girls, and winning her IFBB Bikini Pro Card (2018). Sophie believes in living lean year-round, and shares her fitness, nutrition and parenting journey with her social following of over one million.

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