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My Day On A Plate: Alexx Stuart

This weeks Day On A Plate comes from the December Goodnessme Box recipe contibutor Alexx Stuart.

A little about myself… I’m a passionate individual. Always have been. I was one of those teens with a ‘prejudice is ignorance’ poster on my wall and I oddly, always felt I was going to make some kind of contribution in the area of justice. So after a career in cosmetics, which I left for a career on hospitality and a few health niggles along the way that were so simply fixed by changing what went ON and IN my body, I felt it was crazy that we could go through 13 years of education, universities and colleges, and never question the revelation to what went on or in us, in relation to our health. I was also gobsmacked to learn of the things that were legally allowed to be created and sold by companies who cared more about profits than they did about our health or the planet. So, my ‘justice’ scratch is scratched daily now by providing education programs with my business ‘The Low Tox Life’, to help people discover their best selves and the beautiful re-connect to a more natural way of life, supporting people and companies doing things right by us and the planet… That’s SO not 5 lines. Oops!

I like to stick to the simple focus of ‘more produce less products’ when it comes to food. It’s not always 100% because there are some super delicious and healthy products out there these days, but it’s a loose framework. I always say to people starting out, the goal is to fill the fridge a bit more and empty the pantry a bit more at whatever pace feels right for you. Discover fresh foods you don’t know, discover a recipe for a carrot that makes you fall in love with them again by simply adding dukkah and lemon… discovery not deprivation. That’s the key.

So what does that mean in terms of food on the average day for me?


is either eggs / mushies / goat’s feta / spring onion / spinach type combos, sometimes with a handful of quinoa leftover or gluten free toast / buckwheat cracker. If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat at breakfast sometimes - I’ve never been one for rules, and felt that eating breakfast as some sort of a ‘rule’ didn’t actually suit my body in the end. On those mornings I’ll therefore just have a smoothie of some kind at about 10 to tide over until lunch. My latest fave is my zesty smoothie.


is usually leftovers from a couple of nights before, reinvented with a massive salad. If you take a couple of meat balls and add to fresh salad and herbs, chop up some spring onion and top with chilli and lemon, it’s a super tasty, flavour packed re-invention and there’s no room for boredom. In French culture there’s an unspoken rule we have that you don’t repeat the same dish in the week. So making use of leftovers for practical, quick meals, makes you creative at reinventions so that you keep it feeling exciting and new - this way you stop relying on ‘exciting and new’ coming from the hot new thing in the supermarket… They want you to think you can’t find it in produce and home cooked meals, but you can. Squeeze lemon on your next meal. Trust me! Exciting and new.


is simple meat / veg dishes, soups, veggie bakes, fish… Always a rainbow of veg. Vegetables are my daily stars, I adore them! Having PCOS and a temperamental thyroid, losing weight for me is super tricky, however since moving to a whole foods approach I haven’t ever ballooned the way I used to and because I can’t rely on certainty in weightless regimes, I’m totally relaxed about being a size 12 and focus on the many other things in life that are far more worth my thoughts than kilos are! Like Turia Pitt says “Imagine if we as women put the collective energy we put into hating our bodies, into doing good out there in the world”. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Such a 1st world problem. We’re all beautiful. It’s time to get over ourselves and think about worthwhile things.


are either herby / leafy / fruit smoothies, dark chocolate or a little bikkie or muffin... They're small and I enjoy every single moment. Some days I'm just not hungry between meals, so I just don't snack. Again, I think we're programmed to do stuff that if we thought hard and consciously about it, there would be no need most days to snack - especially if our nutrient density of the meals was what it could and should be.



is mostly done at my fitness studio Flow Athletic. Love it there and I’m a big believe in community to support motivation - you have to move in ways you enjoy, but we also benefit so much from being around others who enjoy it too, to perhaps propel us into doing things we didn’t realise we were capable of. I do barre, strength classes, yoga and yin yoga on rotation. It’s never boring and that’s about 3-4 times a week. I love walking and being in a predominantly sit down work situation, I make sure I get at least 10-12K steps in a day to counteract that. It’s as simple as walking my little man to school, walking home a couple of blocks deeper so it’s 10mins more, walking down the road for a coffee or going to the gym in the middle of the day, catching a train instead of a taxi into meetings in town, taking stairs at every opportunity… it’s the little things and they do add up.

Savory Summer Salad Recipe

Given we’re headed into summer, my savoury summer fruit salad is pretty delicious. People love it and always think I'm clever but it really is just so simple. Try it!


  • 1 medium purple onion, chopped into slivers (white is fine too or 3 spring onion stalks, chopped)
  • 6 peaches cut into wedges
  • 1 punnet of strawberries, chopped into quarters
  • 6 medium dark red tomatoes
  • 1 bunch mint, leaves separated from vines
  • 1/2 bunch parsley
  • 1/2 bunch basil
  • 2 handfuls of hazelnuts, chopped (roasted on 180C for 12mins first makes them oh so yummy!)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Olive oil to drizzle
  • 2 pinches salt
Method | Serves 6-10

Pop all of your cut up produce into a bowl and mix through, saving a few mint leaves for 'on top whole fresh garnishing' at the end.
2. Squeeze the lemon over the top and then drizzle with olive oil.
3. Sprinkle the two pinches of salt.
4. Mix through and serve.

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