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My Day On A Plate: The Alimental Sage

As a self-taught ‘messy’ cook, blogger and Nutritionist (based in Melbourne, Australia), Camilla likes nothing more than pottering about in the kitchen to produce wholesome meals and treats that are nutritious, yet equally delicious. She is passionate about inspiring others to rekindle their connection with food. Where does it come from? How is it produced? What does it contain? And believes that home cooking and eating real, whole foods are key elements in the achievement of a healthy body and lifestyle. She hopes to grow a community of likeminded and passionate home cooks, food lovers, producers, creatives and travellers alike (…both the dreamers and the do-ers), through her new online space ‘The Alimental Sage’.

A ‘typical’ day for me kind of looks like that…I say ‘typical’ as my days as a Nutrition and Dietetics Masters student and creative freelancer/blogger never really look the same…


I wake up daily between 5.30-6.00 and mull around in bed for a while with a mug of ginger tea. If I’m hungry I’ll have something light to eat like a small banana with some peanut butter or a handful of nuts, before hitting the gym OR going for a long walk.


After the gym/ on my walk I’ll head to my local café for a strong flat white (almond or soy) – coffee is my current favourite ‘ritual’ at the moment, and I am a bit spoilt for choice in Melbourne. I’ve only started appreciating the taste in the past year though, but now I couldn’t imagine life without it. I generally keep it to 1-2 cups per day though.



I’m generally feeling hungry by now, so I will have something more substantial to eat. Some days this might be savoury (eg. smashed sardines with parsley and lemon juice on toast) or sweet (eg. sheep’s milk yoghurt with homemade granola or toasted banana bread, topped with fresh/poached seasonal fruits and cinnamon). I might also have an extra piece of fruit, like an apple or orange if I feel like it.


If I’m in for a big day at uni or know that I will be out and about for most of the day, I will fill up on an omelette with greens or a big bowl of porridge – especially in the cooler months.


A later breakfast means that generally I’ll have lunch a little later in the day. Often it’s leftovers from dinner (sir-fry, vegetable frittata, roast chicken or lamb, braised meatballs etc.), some soup with toast and avocado, or a bowl of steamed or roasted veg with some sardines, mackerel or salmon (I have a rather weird love of oily fish) and a tahini olive oil dressing (I am a tahini addict – it goes on everything!).



Generally after lunch, I will at some point have another cup of tea (often ginger, green or chamomile) and something sweet (eg. a homemade cookie/muffin/piece of cake, some chocolate or even some dried fruit and nuts).


Throughout the day I also generally drink 2 – 2.5 L of warm or room temperature water. I never used to drink much water (maybe 1 litre max.) but I’ve trained myself to drink more in the last few months and I find drinking warm water and herbal teas really helps me to get keep my fluids up.


Dinner is generally similar to lunch, in that if often involves an array of vegetables (steamed, roasted, mashed) and some roast chicken, turkey, baked fish or if I’m keeping it simple – a few crispy fried eggs. Frittata also makes for a quick dinner option.


I generally aim for most of my plate to be filled with a mixture of seasonal vegetables, and then add some sort of protein and some healthy fats (eg. avocado, tahini, olive oil).


My brain generally stops functioning by about this time, so I ditch the study books and relax in front of the TV or do some light reading. I will usually have another herbal tea of some description or some hot water with fresh lemon and ginger. I may sneak a few extra morsels of chocolate or some more nuts if I’m feeling like some munchies, I also never say no to a good piece of cake if it’s around. Ha!



BEDTIME. If I haven’t accidentally fallen asleep on the couch….Oops…I’m definitely not a night owl!

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