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My Day On A Plate: Ben Lucas & Kate Kendall

Ben Lucas and Kate Kendall are Founders of Paddington’s luxe Yoga & Fitness studio, Flow Athletic.

Twice a year the fitness power duo along with their team kick off 30 Days CLEAN, a community challenge intended to inspire their members to live healthy and remarkable lives. It’s a month of fun and motivational events, including clean cooking demonstrations, previously hosted by, Lola Berry and Alexx Stuart as well as Flow After Dark – yoga with a live DJ plus guest fitness instructors such as Andrew Papp and Scott Gooding.

Their food philosophy is simple. Eat real, unprocessed, fresh foods and as close to the earth as possible. We’re lucky to have incredible people around us who inspire our passion and knowledge for food and fueling such as Katie Graham, Integrative Nutrition and Flow Athlete, who assists us in putting together food programming and is passionate about our community as much as we are.

Here’s how a day of clean eating looks like on challenge.


We start the day with a big glass of water, adding a squeeze of lemon where wanted and for an extra ‘zing’ to the morning or opt for something a little more like a Veg Juice which contains 1 large beetroot, 2 carrots, ½ medium fennel, 2 celery sticks a handful of washed greens and a thumb of ginger.



After hitting the studio for a Strength class it’s all about breakfast which is a mushroom, tomato and onion omelette, followed by Dandelion Tea from Ovvio Organics which is a great alternative to coffee and super nourishing for your liver.



Active bodies and minds need some mid-morning fuel which are the delicious activated walnuts from Star Anise Organics. They’re a bit more-ish though. We ration so as not to over do it.


The key to completing 30 Days CLEAN successfully is organization so food prep for all meals is high on the priority list. Lunch is salad prepped the night before and packed full of nourishing goodies including some left overs from dinner last night (we love left overs!). Today it’s a handful of chicken, big bunch of spinach and mixed leaves, a boiled egg, some feta, tempeh and a handful of brazil nuts.



An afternoon in the studio wouldn’t be the same without someone doing an Orchard Street run. They’re just across the road and all their raw vegan treats and salads are to die for. We love the Roots Unearthed or the Turmeric Kefir for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up.


Dinner is a Thai Chicken Soup taken from a recipe in our 30 Days CLEAN Flow Food Philosophy manual. It’s fresh, clean – and uber tasty. Just what we need after a long day in the studio.


For more head to Kate and Bens Website| Facebook

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