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My Day On A Plate: Emma Lauren Food

Emma Lauren Food is a healthy food blog that encompasses all of Emma's favourite things – cooking, eating and sharing good food! Emma has always been passionate about cooking but around 3 years ago she started experimenting with a wholefoods approach to food. Since then she has created her blog to share all of her favourite recipes for a delicious and easy way to eat good, healthy food. One of Emma's passions is finding a way to make a sweet treat healthy and she also loves inspiring others to adopt a healthier way of life.

Emma’s Day on a Plate


Wake up and get ready to head to the gym before work. I’ll do a pilates reformer class, a yoga & mediation class or HIIT (high intensity interval training) depending on the day.



Drink a glass of lemon and warm water before enjoying a healthy breakfast to fuel me for the day ahead.

Breakfast during the working week is usually a breakfast jar filled with my frypan granola, coconut yoghurt, fresh berries, homemade chocolate tahini spread and a sprinkle of Natural Buzz – I make it the night before so I can grab it in the morning, plus it’s so easy to transport in my gym bag.


On weekends I treat myself to a stack of pancakes topped with fresh berries, tahini and a sprinkle of Natural Buzz or poached eggs with avocado, tomato, sautéed kale and buckwheat toast.




Snack time! Since working full time I find I get the munchies around mid-morning. Instead of reaching for an unhealthy snack, the organiser in me is always prepared. A handful of almonds or macadamias and an almond milk latte will usually hit the spot. Occasionally I will have a boiled egg (with a dash of salt and pepper) if I have a busy day ahead as it keeps me fuller for longer.

Almond milk latte.



Lunch has arrived! Most days I bring my lunch to work. Not only does it save money but I also know exactly what’s in my meal. Lunch consists of a salad with chicken or salmon, which are normally leftovers from last night’s dinner. To make it easy on myself, I always ensure at dinner I cook enough so I don’t have to worry about preparing lunch the following day. I have a current obsession with ‘zoodles’ (AKA zucchini noodles) which means they feature in most of my meals at the moment!

Paprika chicken salad – adding spices to my meals really adds so much flavour!

Salmon, zoodle and avocado salad = YUM!



Tea time – although I drink about 4 cups of herbal tea (licorice, peppermint and chamomile are my favourites) throughout the day, this is normally when I refill. If I am hungry I’ll have a tablespoon of unhulled tahini to get me through until dinner.


Dinner – I try to have a mix of salmon, wild barramundi, chicken and beef throughout the week. Crispy skinned salmon has been my go-to lately served with pesto zoodles and homemade sweet potato chips – can’t get better than that!

Crispy skinned salmon with pesto zoodles – not a bad weeknight dinner.


Wild barramundi with brown rice and a fennel, zucchini and mint salad – ideal for summer as it is so fresh and tasty.



Tea time (again) as this helps me to wind down and get ready for bed. As I’m an early riser I go to bed quite early. I will usually call family or friends at this time for a catch up or work on a blog post. I also love reading books before going to sleep as it helps me to switch off (which is so important in this day and age as we are always ‘connected’)!

If I ever do feel like something sweet, I love to make my chocolate coconut crunch slice – all you need is a mixing bowl and a wooden spoon (no appliances!) This can be a little dangerous so I am rather lucky I have mastered the art of self control (well, most of the time)!


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