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My Day On A Plate: Health/Fitness Guru Lee Sutherland

We were lucky enough to meet with Health/Fitness Expert and Director of Fitness In The City Lee Sutherland. We love her philosophy on food and healthy eating and wanted to share with you her day on a plate!

Lee is a Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach and blogger on all things health, nutrition and fitness. Lee is also a regular contributor to publications such as Lululemon Aust/NZ, Yahoo!7, Prevention Magazine online and MindBodyGreen.


Wake up and first thing I generally do is check my emails (ok and Instagram) while getting ready to race out the door for first client at 6am. I have warm water and lemon, home made kombutcha or a probiotic, Vital Greens and grab a coconut water to tide me over until breakfast. Saturday’s are always a mixed bag which I love!


Jump in the car for my next few clients near Surry Hills, with a quick stop at O Organics to grab a smoothie called Mr. Muscles as it is perfectly balanced with the 3 macro nutrients – protein, carbs and good fats, and it tastes pretty amazing too.


It’s breakfast time. Usually I go home and make something but today I meet up with my fiancé for some breaky before he goes to training. I have baked eggs and charchuka, mushrooms, roast tomato and avocado with a green tea from Café Mint on Crown St.



I now change gears and go into health coaching mode. I meet with my clients at my home and we drink one of many little wildling co (www.instagram.com/littlewildlingco) herbal teas. This one is more of a nutrition and herbal medicine consultation, and it’s great to hear my client is feeling amazing on my 28 day Nourish + Move challenge (whoohoo!).



I head outside for a break downstairs and do a quick 28 minute HITT session. I am slowly getting my mojo back after breaking my leg a few months ago (thank god!).


I head back inside and whip up lunch: baked salmon with a huge rainbow salad (baby spinach, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, avocado, purple cabbage, basil etc) and some sweet potato chips. I snuggle with our pup Frankie before starting an assignment (I’m a big believer in continuous learning) I also have my supplements (glutamine, vitamin D and a multi-vitamin).


Over another herbal tea, I begin writing some home-workout programs for one of my pregnant clients who wants to do extra in-between our sessions. I also work a little on my new project, little wildling co which are organic, wild-grown herbal teas (launching early 2015).


Quickly finish writing a blog post for www.fitnessinthecity.com.au and some interview questions and then I am done for the day. It’s been an epic week so I am ready for some chill time! I snack on some apple cut up with ABC spread on top (almond, basil and cashew nut). It’s not only delish but the protein in the spread helps slow down any blood sugar spike that the fruit may cause. And surprise, I down some more water with chlorophyll to hydrate.


We have pulled pork and veggies for dinner (got to love slow cookers), watch a little TV (aka lame series) and have early night so we can get up early for my day off!

To find out more about Lee go to:www.fitnessinthecity.com.au

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