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My Day On A Plate: Kate Sibbald @wellofnourishment

This week's My Day On A Plate comes from one of GoodnessMe Boxes favourite Instagram accounts @wellofnourishment

Kate is a food blogger and an avid Instagrammer passionate about healthy, wholefood recipes and inspiring others to get excited about nutrition and wellness.Kate recently graduated as a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she further developed her knowledge and interest for health and wellbeing.


I am a morning person so I love getting up early to start my day! Watching the sunrise is my absolute favourite thing so I tend to get outside for a run or walk. If not, I’ll head to the gym and do some cardio/circuit/strength training. Moving my body in the morning is so important to me and really energises me for the day ahead.


I have a glass of warm lemon water, often with a teaspoon of greens powder (from Bareblends). This kick-starts my digestion.


Breakfast time!! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (which you can probably tell from my Instagram!) and I always find that I need something substantial to fuel me up after my morning workout and prevent cravings later on in the day. Every day is different depending on what my body feels like. At the moment I’m really loving overnight oats or porridge on cold days. Otherwise muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit or a green smoothie bowls with lots of toppings are on high rotation. If I’m heading off to work early I find overnight oats to be the best option because I prep it all the night before and it’s ready to have in the morning I also have a cup (or two!) of green tea in the morning.



My go-to lunch is a big salad filled with lots of exciting ingredients! This always depends on what’s in season and what’s in my fridge! We have a big veggie garden so the produce from there always inspires my meals. Often at the start of the week I’ll make a large salad filled with leafy greens, raw and roasted veggies, quinoa, chickpeas, egg or some other form of protein. This makes it easy to fill my lunch container and take it to work each day. I often get asked how I have the time to make healthy food and this is such a great way to be prepared. I set aside some time to batch cook/prepare food and it makes such a difference, particularly if I’m having a busy week! If I’m at home during the day I might opt for some homemade soup in the winter.



I find I need a snack to keep me going through the afternoon. My job requires me to be on my feet all day so I carry snacks with me to have in between finishing work and afternoon activities. Fresh fruit, protein/bliss balls, veggie sticks with homemade dip plus a cup of green tea/ginger tea are my go-to afternoon snacks.


I often finish my day with some sort of movement, ranging from dancing, hot yoga, a gym session (if I haven’t been in the morning), or simply a refreshing walk outside in nature. Being outside in nature is my sort of meditation.


Dinner changes every night however my go-to is usually a veggie stir-fry with some sort of protein (tempeh, salmon) and zucchini or black bean noodles.


Otherwise I love making veggie and lentil curries with quinoa/cauliflower rice, black bean pasta or some sort of protein with lots of veggies! Abundance bowls are another favourite – I just fill them with whatever I have: protein, veggies, carbs & a healthy fat.



I like to have a cup of herbal tea to wind down (I’m a tea fanatic!) so I’ll usually have a rosehip & ginger tea. If I feel like something sweet I might have some dark chocolate, bliss balls, a couple of dates with tahini, or some banana “ice-cream”!



  • ½ cup rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 – 2 tbsp cacao powder
  • ¾ cup almond milk (or milk of choice)
  • 1 tbsp natural sweetener (pure maple syrup, honey, rice malt syrup, stevia)
  • Toppers e.g berries, granola, banana

Combine all ingredients in a bowl or jar (great option for on the go!).
Cover and refrigerate overnight.
In the morning take it out of the fridge, give it a stir and add some extra milk/liquid if it’s too thick for your liking.
Top with berries and whatever else you like! (Natural/coconut yoghurt, granola, cacao nibs, banana etc.)

If you are grabbing the jar as you head out the door, place some berries (frozen or fresh) on top of the oat mixture the night before so you don’t have to do anything extra in the morning!

Want to see more of Kate's daily eats, check out her: Instagram | Website | Faceboook_

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