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My Day On A Plate: Katie @_Squeakyclean

Today Katie Buttress-Grove from Instagram page @_Squeakyclean shares her day on the plate and some beautiful images!


Wake up and straight into the shower to wake up – this 10 minutes is usually spent daydreaming about what I’m going to make for breakfast.


Pop the kettle on and get a herbal tea brewing – I will usually opt for green, peppermint or (black) chai. I always try to drink a glass of water while I’m waiting for my tea.


I truly believe that a good breakfast sets you up for a good day ahead. I love starting my day with a super-filling, nutritious and delicious breakfast – I find that this fills me with energy to thrive throughout the day and prevents mid morning snacking or binging.
My go-to options are:


Two poached eggs with two pieces of toast, spinach and sauerkraut (sometimes some smoked salmon if I’m feeling extra hungry!)


A big bowl of oats cooked with chia seeds and almond milk, topped with fresh fruit and a sprinkle of nuts and seeds. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of tahini or peanut butter for extra energy.


My weekend favourite – (HEALTHY!!!) chocolate banana pancakes with fresh fruit and raw chocolate sauce. Pictured here with a scoop of creamy banana ice cream for a more decadent Sunday breakfast (literally overripe frozen bananas, blended!)


Mid-morning snack time! Being a full-time worker, I often find myself getting hungry at my desk. I think it’s important to plan ahead for your snacks, so you do find yourself mindlessly eating calorie-dense, nutrient-lacking processed foods. This is easier than you think – especially when you are in a sedentary role. My current work snacks are:

Granola with lactose-free yogurt and (defrosted) frozen blueberries; homemade banana bread with peanut butter, and a cup of tea. Obviously. Always tea.



I usually take lunch around this time. Mainly because I escape the peak-lunch-break period in the city, but also because it’s when I have smashed out most of my workload. I try to pack lunch when I can, it saves an enormous amount of money + you always know what you’re putting in your body.

A typical lunch would be:
Stirfried tofu, vegetables and soba noodles/brown rice.


Quinoa with veggies and a form of protein – chicken, fish or tofu


A hearty sandwich with multigrain bread, vegetables and protein – I opt for dense, nutrient packed breads like Burgen or Helgas.



An afternoon snack isn’t always on the cards for me – it basically depends on how full I am from lunch. If I’m hungry, I will opt for a handful of nuts (almonds and walnuts are a personal favourite).


After a long day, dinner is always comforting and nourishing. This honestly changes nightly, but a typical plate would always feature carbs, protein and veggies. One of my all-time favourite dinners is a pan-fried salmon fillet with veggies and sweet potato. Yum!



Depending on my mood, I’ll finish off with something little for dessert like a bowl of berries and yogurt. However, I’ve never been a big sweet tooth – I would rather eat a loaf of bread before a block of chocolate (crazy, right?!)

To see more of Katie’s beautiful images go to @_squeakyclean

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