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My Day On A Plate: The Merrymaker Sisters Emma and Carla

Emma and Carla Papas, known as ‘The Merrymaker Sisters’ are health and happiness bloggers, real food recipe developers and passionate health coaches. On you’ll find quick and easy recipes, wellbeing information, plus an abundance of Merrymaker tips to help you find and follow YOUR bliss! We were lucky enough to hear from this duo to find out what they eat on average day...


When we used to think about ‘health’ we’d think about losing weight, eating less and doing more exercise. Through our journey and studies we’ve realised that there’s a lot more to it.

We believe it’s not a journey to health, it’s a journey of our best health and our most favourite message to send out to the world is… to do what works for you and what makes you feel good. This is our philosophy here at Merrymaker HQ.

We’re super excited to share our My Day On A Plate action with the beautiful GoodnessMe Box team! So here we go!


When we wake up we drink a glass of room temperature filtered water with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. This is an amazing morning detoxifying drink, it’s an easy habbit to get into and has heaps of health benefits.

We’ll then enjoy a brisk walk in nature or some yoga flows in our meditation room at home!

We mix our breakfast up all the time. If we’re not that hungry we’ll have a cup of bone broth with extra veggies like roast pumpkin! It’s delicious and very healing. Otherwise we’ll enjoy a brekky fry up like this



For lunch we’ll pack our plates with veggies. This pumpkin, cauli and sage salad is one of our most favourites!


We’ve just said farewell to coffee (eeeek!) so we’ll be sipping on herbal tea and sparkling water throughout the day and during any meetings that we have!


We always vote for more veggies at dinner along with nourishing organic meat. We’ve been having lots of fun with our new recipe for paleo and nut free cheese! These naked burgers are all kinds of delicious!



We also love to end the evening with a small slice of our sweetener free good fats cake… it’s definitely our new obsession! Oh so yum!


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