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No Fizzy Drinks, No Juice. Here’s What to Drink to be Healthy

Fizzy drinks, fruit juices, sodas, cans of ‘pop’, whatever you want to call them, all pose a threat to our health. That might sound scary but it’s true. We all know too much sugar can cause problems and these drinks provide it in abundance. Scientific studies are increasingly showing the link between the consumption of these drinks and many common health conditions, including obesity, diabetes and even cancer so why take the risk.

When you think that one can of coke can have 10 teaspoons of sugar and that our body is getting that in one quick junkie hit to the bloodstream, it is not surprising that daily intake of these types of drinks is not a good idea if we care about our health (which we do).

Oh, and do not be tricked by anything labelled ‘diet’, these are often the worst offenders, packed with artificial sweeteners and chemicals (such as Aspartame) that can have a long list of negative effects on our health. (See my recent article, Is your sugar free sweetener actually worse for you than sugar? for more on this topic).

Knowing these health implications hopefully helps you stick to drinking good old simple water, when it comes to staying hydrated. Whether it’s tap, filtered, sparkling, with a squeeze of lemon or lime, maybe even some mint, WATER is what our body needs consistently everyday!

For a healthy and tasty way to jazz up your water and keep your mitts off those fizzy drinks and juices, give FLAVR Water Enhancer a try! Ok, so I know what you are thinking….water ‘enhancer’, this must be artificial…. but NO, definitely not!  At GoodnessMe Box we do not support the use of any artificial colours or flavourings, as we know these hold no nutritional value and are not beneficial to our health. FLAVR Water Enhancer contains NO artificial sweeteners and NO colourings are added. This is an all natural flavour concentrate, that is only sweetened with natural stevia (derived from the leaf of a plant). FLAVR is vegan friendly and can be used in tap, bottled, sparkling or any carbonated water. FLAVR is a handbag-friendly size (smaller than your iphone), that is an easy, cost effective and most importantly, healthly way to reach your 2 litres a day! Enjoy your pick from 5 different delicious flavours or get yours delivered to your doorstep in this month’s GoodnessMe Box and let us know what you think…I’ll cheers to that!

Written by GMB Nutritionist Claire Barker 

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