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Nourish Your Skin With These 5 Morning Rituals

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor

Skin in need of a reset? Wake up to healthier, happier skin by giving a few or all five of these simple morning rituals a go - tried and tested by the GoodnessMe team.









1. Sip on warm water 

While it’s important to rehydrate your skin from the inside-out upon waking, a glass of iced water can be a bit of a shock to the system first thing in the morning; a mug of warm water can make for a gentler, more comforting way to hydrate, and can also stimulate a bowel movement, supporting your body’s natural detox mechanisms in the process. If you feel like sipping on something a little fancier, herbal tea will have the same effect. 

2. Swig a shot of SUP

Meet one of the star products in this month’s ‘Feed Your Skin’ box (every subscriber gets a box of 8 x SUP shots, just sayin’). SUP’s ACV Cleanse removes the guesswork from what to put into your morning health tonic. The ready-to-drink formula offers a medley of traditional ‘digestive heroes’, including 10mL of apple cider vinegar, lemon, and dandelion, alongside calming chamomile and spearmint.

With the gut influencing every aspect of health, skin included, SUP has been formulated to help keep your gut feeling happy, so that your skin follows suit. Sweetened with a touch of plant-based stevia, it goes down easily, too. 

3. Brush up

Just like your hair and teeth, your skin will look and feel better after a good brush in the a.m. AKA ‘dry brushing’, this trending skincare-meets-self-care ritual has Ayurvedic roots, and today is touted for being an effective method for skin exfoliation. 

New to dry brushing? All you need is the right brush, and two to three minutes in the morning (ideally pre-shower, so you can wash those dead skin cells away after). Starting at your feet and moving upward (finishing with your neck; don’t brush your face!), brush with medium-pressured, upward strokes towards your heart; this is traditionally thought to enhance circulation and lymphatic flow.

4. Add Vitamin C

Make your breakfast a skin-loving one by making a point of adding a vitamin C-rich wholefood to whatever you’re having. Vitamin C functions as an anti-ageing antioxidant, and also promotes the production of skin-plumping collagen. Not limited to citrus fruits, you’ll also find loads of vitamin C in a variety of fruits and vegetables - from kiwi fruit, papapa, and strawberries to capsicums and cruciferous vegetables (think Brussels sprouts, kale, and broccoli).

5. Don't forget omega 3

An essential nutrient for overall health and not just internally, omega-3 supports healthy skin in more ways than one. Research shows that this essential fatty acid integrates itself into the skin cells, where it works its magic to: 

  • Reduce the inflammatory response in the dermal (outer layer) and epidermal (middle layer) of the skin 
  • Keep skin looking youthful, largely by providing ‘photoprotection’, helping to protect the skin from sun damage (that’s not to say you mustn’t slip, slop, slap).

All the more reason to start your day with a dietary source of omega-3. That could be sardines on sourdough, or for a plant-based option, try a handful of walnuts on your brekkie bowl, or a spoonful of flaxseeds or chia in your smoothie.

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