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Nutrients Your Hair Will Love

A healthy diet looks after not just your body, but your hair too. Nourish your hair from the inside out by incorporating foods rich in these nutrients into your meals. By Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor Melissa Fine.

1) Protein

You’ve probably read time and time again that protein can help to stabilise your blood sugar, as well as build and repair muscle…What you may not know is that amongst its many roles, protein makes up our hair’s structure.

Our hair also relies on protein to grow and so one of the first questions I ask clients when they complain of hair loss, thinning hair or poor hair growth is “What’s your protein intake like?”

Wondering if your locks are getting enough protein? To support hair growth and integrity, it’s worth incorporating a decent amount of protein into every meal; That’s a palm size and thickness worth with your main meals, whether that be chicken, fish, lean meat, two eggs, or if you’re vegetarian, tofu or tempeh. For snacks, a handful of nuts or seeds or a single-serve tub of thick-strained yoghurt are good options.

2) Omega-3

Dull, dry hair? It may be worth looking at your omega-3 intake; An essential fatty acid - meaning we need to obtain it from food - omega-3 provides nourishment for your roots by hydrating your scalp (and your skin, too), promoting silky locks. Oily fish like sardines, mackerel, salmon and tuna are particularly rich sources of omega-3; Don’t overdo the tuna as it tends to be high in mercury; Sardines are great because they’re low in mercury and super sustainable.

Nothing beats oily fish when it comes to omega-3 but some good plant-based sources are walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds; So they don’t go straight through you, it’s worth soaking your chia and flaxseed or eating them ground.

3) Zinc

Zinc is a mineral involved in stimulating hair growth, and while we can’t wine and dine over oysters everyday, red meat and pumpkin seeds are some more readily available sources of zinc.

I like adding pumpkin seeds to a homemade trail mix (delicious with almonds and goji berries or a little 85% dark chocolate); Or, sprinkle them on your avocado toast, salad or stir fry for some crunch and a nice nutty flavour…Some hair food for you.

As a supplement to a diet full of hair food, give your hair special care with the help of the Al'chemy Lavender & Anthyllis Leave-In Conditioner. Using a blend of pure active botanics such as Amino acids, anti-oxidants, herbal extracts and richly nourishing Australian Jojoba and certified organic Avocado oil, this rich natural leave in conditioner helps to add moisture and strength to your hair whilst protecting it from heat styling and environmental damage.

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