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A Naturopath's Guide: Why you need to try a clay mask for glowing skin

By Naturopath Amy Hotz

There’s something very luxurious and relaxing about putting on a face mask. Taking the time to apply a face mask has long been one of my favourite beauty rituals. It’s not only therapeutic for your skin, but also for your soul. So I was very excited to try the all-natural Pure Rhassoul Clay Mask by Akhal.

What are the key ingredients of this product?

I absolutely adore the simplicity of this single ingredient product. Made from 100% pure Rhassoul clay (also referred too as Moroccan Lava), the clay is sourced from Rhassoul rocks, which are extracted from volcanic deposits near the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These rocks are naturally rich in Silica, Magnesium and other trace minerals. The rocks are mined, purified and then micronized into a fine powder. The clay has no smell or scent and is super light to touch.

What are the benefits?

The skin is the body’s largest organ and along with the lungs, kidneys and digestive system it functions to remove toxins and waste from the body. That means all our naughty dietary and lifestyle indulgences re released through our pores when we sweat (or get stuck in our pores). Clay benefits the skin through its detoxifying and exfoliating properties. It absorbs and soaks in unwanted toxins from our pores and also exfoliates dead skin cells. This skin-purifying product is ideal for anyone with acne prone, oily or combination skin or anyone looking for a really deep cleanse.

How do you use the Akhal Pure Rhassoul Clay?

The mask is very easy to both apply and use. Below are the steps I followed to apply the Akhal Pure Rhassoul Clay.

  1. Before you apply the mask start by cleansing and drying your skin.
  2. Pour about a fifty-cent piece worth of clay into your hands and add a few drops of warm water to the fine powder.
  3. Mix the clay and water together until it turns into a paste.
  4. Apply the paste to your clean face and neck.
  5. Relax for 10 minutes while it dries and absorbs all those toxins (you will experience a tightening sensation on the face).
  6. Once the mask is dry and has set, remove it using a warm face towel and luxuriate in your refreshed and rejuvenated skin.
  7. Finish off by applying your favourite natural moisturizer to rehydrate your skin.

How often should I use it?

Replace your chemical filled face-masks with this all-natural product. Clay masks should not be used on a daily basis due to its deep cleansing and exfoliating properties. The frequency of usage will depend on your type of skin. If your skin is on the oily side you can use a mask once or twice a week, while if you have dry and sensitive skin, limit it to once every two or three weeks. If you’re prone to break outs, don’t use the mask before any major events or celebrations.

Amy’s Tips

  • Applying and removing the clay can get a little messy. Ensure you have a dark-coloured towel or face cloth on stand by!
  • When using the mask, you may feel a strong tightening and drying sensation. If you suffer from sensitive skin, do a spot test before applying the clay to you face.
  • Make sure that you have the time to put on the mask and truly enjoy it; there’s nothing worse then rushing the process.

What’s the verdict?

What’s not to love about a beauty product made from just one natural ingredient? This clay highlights the fact that great beauty products do not have to be filled with artificial fragrances or chemical ingredients. If you are looking for a deep face cleanse this is the product for you. My skin felt instantly refreshed, smooth and really clean. However, this product is not one for the time-poor as it really deserves a good 15 minutes to reap the full detoxifying and cleansing benefits.

You should try this product if:

  • You have oily or combination skin
  • You are looking for a deep cleanse
  • You need a good exfoliation
  • Your skin gets irritated by skincare with chemical ingredients
  • You want to spoil yourself with a self-care beauty treat

Tell us what you thought of your clay mask in the comments below.

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