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Product discovery: Try these olives to give your dishes a flavour kick

We love discovering new healthy treats and when Ollie's Flavoured Olives landed on our desk, they were so tasty that we devoured them in a matter of minutes! So we thought we would share them with you and ask our Nutritionist to tell us what makes these olives so special.

Q: What sets Ollie’s Olives apart from olives in a container or jar?

A: Apart from the unique foil bags locking in flavour and freshness, there’s no oil, no brine and no pits in these babies, which means no fuss and no mess for your on-the-go work snacks and lunches. As they say at Ollies, “It’s clean eating…literally!”

And unlike that jar of olives, that’s been sitting at the back of your fridge since who knows when these single-serve snack packs are a great waste-not option…plus you get to try a new flavour each time; I’m thinking Chilli & Rosemary on my leftover roast veg, and Fennel with Orange Zest on a chicken salad…no dressing needed when you have Ollie’s Olives!

Q: Which undesirable ingredients are commonly found in olives?

A: Artificial colours are one of the strangest ingredients I’ve come across in a jar of olives; red or yellow olives may look fun but they’re probably a red flag for the artificial colours you’ll also find in confectionery. Stick to black or green olives instead – the colour in these ones typically hasn’t been messed with.

Q: Are olives actually good for me?

A: If you go with a quality brand like Ollie’s, they sure are! Olives are loaded with oleic acid, the heart-healthy monounsaturated fat that’s so abundant in the Mediterranean diet. Like other plant-based foods with a high-fat content (think almonds and avocados), olives are also rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that can help neutralise the impact of cell-damaging free radicals. The good fats in olives also aid the absorption of the vitamin E because it’s a fat-soluble vitamin (meaning it requires fat to be absorbed).

Q: Did you know…?

A: The olive is actually a stone fruit! A unique one too because of its savoury flavour and high healthy fat content.

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