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Q&A with Dessert Queen Taline Gabriel

Did you miss out on seeing Australia's raw dessert queen AKA Taline Gabriel at our Dessert Wholefood Night Markets? Don't worry, we have you covered, have a read of here dessert Q&A below.

Your prediction for the new superfoods of 2017?

Fruit and vegetable powders - think dragonfruit, beetroot, carrot and blueberry.

Top tips for eating dessert in moderation?

Make raw treats in advance and freeze in snack portions for when you need your sweet fix. A small raw treat really satisfies and cuts the cravings for the rest of the day.

Why is it so important for a healthy life that we can enjoy dessert?

'Cause dessert makes us happy! A healthy life is about balance. Aim to reduce your intake of desserts that are made with refined sugar and have the occasional 'healthy' treat instead. No deprivation necessary.

What is your go-to healthy dessert?

My raw wagon wheel

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Nutella Pancakes!

Favourite naughty dessert swap?

These days I'll go for my raw Nutella-inspired brownie over Nutella Pancakes

Craziest dessert with hidden veggies?

The first one is a super popular choc mint slice from my app that includes some sneaky spinach. The spinach is the secret ingredient that turns the filling into a minty green colour. The second crazy (but so good) is my fave baked treat ever, my brownie made from black beans. Moist and too perfect to describe!

Favourite dessert for breakfast?

Chocolate PB smoothie bowl with coconut, banana, berries and RAWnola! The Dream breakfast ❤️

Raw vs. baked?


Sweet vs. savoury?


Honey vs. stevia?


Chocolate vs. fruit?

Too hard - both!

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