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Revitalising Ingredients To Put Some Pep In Your Step

By Melissa Fine, Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor.

Real foods to alleviate sweet cravings, sluggishness and sore stomachs:

Green tea:

Looking for a 3 pm pick-me-up but trying to cut down on coffee or cola? Green teais a great alternative; I don’t know about you, but even just the ritual of drinking green tea makes me feel healthier! A cup of green gives you a hit of antioxidants plus a bit of caffeine for an energy boost. If you find green tea too astringent, try it in a blend with things like sweet and spicy cinnamon and zesty orange peel, which balance out any bitterness.


Thanks to its antispasmodic effects in the gastrointestinal tract, mint is a great ingredient to add to your diet if you’re feeling weighed down and sluggish from a bloated belly. Stir some mint leaves through an Asian-style salad, put a handful of fresh mint in your bottle of water, or sip on some spearmint tea. Note that mint chewing gum does not have the same benefits as real mint, in fact it may have the opposite effect, encouraging bloating and a sore stomach; This is due to the constant swallowing of air that occurs when you chew gum and the artificial sweeteners that come with in sugar free gum.


Traditionally used to settle the stomach, zingy ginger is the perfect digestive ingredient to add to your meals. Sprinkle freshly chopped ginger on your stir fry or soup, stir pickled ginger through a salad to give it a kick, or add sliced ginger and lemon to a cup of hot water – A great beverage to have after a heavy meal that’s left your tummy feeling off…Delicious with a teaspoon of honey.


And I don’t mean the confectionery…I’m talking about licorice tea! It tastes super sweet yet has virtually no sugar content…Licorice tea is so sweet that I bet even those of you with a sweet tooth won’t want to add sugar. After a cup of this I find I no longer feel like that piece of cake that had been calling my name minutes prior.


  • Revitalize – kapha. Organic cinnamon, cardamom and ginger tea: to warm and invigorate. Revitalise tea is a unique blend of warming herbs with fantastic invigorating properties. Drink it throughout the day to boost your vitality and maintain a healthy glow.
  • Cinnamon bark, ginger root and clove are deliciously warming
  • Elderflower and orange peel add a vitalising zest
  • Green tea and spearmint leaf boost vitality. 100% organically grown and ethically sourced, we hope this is the best warming tea you will ever taste.
  • Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey. Deeply soothing organic herbal tea. A deeply soothing, traditional blend of zesty lemon and spicy ginger with sweet, nourishing notes of manuka honey. This tea is made from ripe, organic lemons and ginger root that we have slow-dried to capture their intense deliciousness. The oodles of fruity-spice are then blended with manuka honey to give a soothing, sweet finish. And, as with all Pukka teas, they are naturally organic and totally free from artificial flavourings.
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