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A Look Inside The September 2020 Kids Box

​We totally get it. Packing a healthy lunchbox is hard, made even harder by clever marketing tactics on food products that try their best to trick you. We’re here to help you outsmart these brands! In our monthly kids boxes, you’ll find lunchbox friendly-treats that are free from refined sugar and added nasties and made with only good-for-you ingredients for little hands and mouths to enjoy! Here's what you'll get this month:

1. Isaac's Snacks Jammy Date Bites

Made with just 8 ingredients (yep!) these delicious mini bites are packed with mega 3, antioxidants, Vitamin B and A for growing bodies and minds.⁠ ⁠They're a great swap for sugary store-bought biscuits and look a treat! Shop here.

2. Weleda Australia Calendula Face Creme

We love throwing a non-food product in here and there! Gentle on sensitive skin, this cream is formulated with organic calendula and almond oil making it a great option for your little on. Shop here.

3. Ceres Organics Teriyaki Seaweed

A yummy savoury snack that your kids are sure to enjoy with the goodness of iodine-rich seaweed lightly seasoned for fussy taste buds.⁠ ⁠They come in perfectly portion-controlled packs and are lunchbox-friendly.

4. Pangkarra POD Roasted Chickpeas Coated in Dark Chocolate

These little delights contain the fibre-filled goodness of chickpeas disguised in sweet dark chocolate for a protein-rich snack!⁠ ⁠Fun for little mouths to enjoy, we like to think of them as a healthier alternative for chocolate Maltesers. Shop here.

5. Nutra Organics ​Berry Choc Chunk & Berry Yum Biotics Bar  

An organic wholefood bar filled with calcium, antioxidants and fibre with the benefits of probiotics for healthy little tummies.⁠ Inside the September box, you'll find two delicious fruity flavours. Be sure to check out the choc berry oatmeal recipe using these bars here

Don't forget, you can find these and other healthy and delicious lunchbox snacks over on the GoodnessMe Shop!








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