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Simple Coffee Swaps for a Healthier Brew

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

Another day, another coffee! Whether you’ve been having more coffee at home because of lockdown, or you’re trying to cut back on overpriced takeaway lattes, these products can help you with that. 

From instant coffees to keto-friendly coffee creamers and barista-quality plant-based milks, we’ve found a simple swap for every kind of coffee drinker. 

Swap an Instant Cappuccino for an X50 Revolver Coffee


Unlike that super processed, sugar-loaded instant capp on your left, X50’s Revolver MCT & Superfood Coffee will put a STEADY pep in your step - thanks to ingredients like slow burning Coconut MCT Powder. We’re also all for the addition of broccoli powder so you can get your greens in, first thing in the AM (you can’t taste the broccoli, promise). 

Swap Woolies Coffee Creamer for Tonika Coffee Creamer


We love a little Tonika Co. Vanilla Macadamia Creamer in our coffee not just because the first (main) ingredient isn't sugar (AKA Glucose Syrup), but because it’s delish. It’s also free from the hardened vegetable fats found in commercial creamers, a potential source of undesirable trans fats. Sweetened naturally with low sugar, plant-derived Monk Fruit Extract and Xylitol instead of refined sugar, Tonika Co.’s creamer comes complete with nutritional benefits from a whole heap of ingredients - including Coconut MCT Oil for slow-burning fuel, plus Lion’s Mane Mushroom to help you focus. 

Swap the Cow’s Milk in Your Coffee for Minor Figures’ Light Oat Milk


New product drop! If you're after a dairy-free/lactose-free/plant-based alternative to light milk for your latte, give this swap a whirl. We're fans of all things Minor Figures, and their latest oat milk is no exception. Its taste and consistency is surprisingly similar to light milk. It even steams/foams like light milk. Plus it has no added sugar, just natural sweetness from creamy oats. 

Swap an Instant Decaf Cappuccino for a BeforeYouSpeak Reset Decaf Mocha


When you’re keen for a coffee that will help wind you down instead of up, BeforeYouSpeak’s Reset Decaf Mocha is it. We rate this one because the main ingredients are decaf coffee and cocoa, as they should be (ingredients on a food label are always listed in descending order). It gets bonus points for having zero added sugar and numbered ingredients we wouldn't keep in our pantry, all while being boosted with functional ingredients like valerian, the 'sleep herb', plus L-theanine, an amino acid that helps you chill. 

Swap Nestle Coffee Creamer with BeforeYouSpeak Creamer


Another swap for the coffee creamer fans, BeforeYouSpeak’s clean take on creamer has been running off our shelves. Not only is it dairy-free, it’s also free from refined sugar and weird numbered ingredients. Thanks to being loaded with slow-burning fats and filling fibre, it’ll keep you going all day, too.

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