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Tasty Breakfast Toppers

Turn an everyday breakkie into an awesome one with one or two of these tasty, wholesome toppings. By Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor, Melissa Fine.

1) Cacao Nibs

Not to be mistaken for chocolate chips, these babies are bitter (how chocolate really should be) - so you’re less likely to eat them by the handful while prepping your breakkie. But give them a go; After a few weeks, you’ll probably find commercial choc chips sickly sweet. Plus, cacao nibs add extra texture and crunch to your yoghurt, porridge or almond butter toast, along with antioxidants and a little caffeine to get you going in the morning.

2) LSA

A great addition to yoghurt, porridge or a smoothie, LSA (Linseed, Sunflower and Almond Meal) helps bump up the protein and healthy fat content of your breakkie for extra staying power. I personally find it tastier than plain linseed (flaxeed) meal thanks to the addition of slightly sweet, smooth and creamy almonds; It’s also higher in protein.

3) Nut Butter

If you check out my instagram you’ll know I love this stuff; It’s so versatile and tastes awesome I find that adding a Tbsp of nut butter to my breakkie means my stomach wont be grumbling two hours later. Almond butter or ABC (Almond/Brazil/Cashew) spread adds a nice creaminess and well-rounded mouth feel to a smoothie, and are also delicious stirred through unsweetened plain or Greek yoghurt.

Some other ideas: 100% tahini drizzled over your eggs; Macadamia butter topped with sliced strawberries on rye/spelt/sourdough toast; Apple slices with 100% crunchy peanut butter for dipping…Yum!

4) ‘Baker’s Cinnamon’

A foodie friend of mine recently introduced me to this variety of cinnamon; AKA Dutch or Saigon cinnamon, Baker’s cinnamon has a much sweeter taste and aroma than the regular cinnamon you get from the supermarket, which tends to be spicier and better for savoury dishes. I find that Baker’s cinnamon reduces the need for a sweetener in my breakkie; Since I’ve been using it my sugar intake at breakkie has significantly dropped. You’ll find it at the health food store and it’s cheap as chips.

5) Dukkah

A simple egg dish instantly becomes special when you sprinkle it with dukkah, an Egyptian herb, nut and spice blend, with common ingredients being roasted almonds, sesame seeds, coriander seeds and pepper. Dukkah-rolled soft-boiled eggs are very in vogue; I also love dukkah as a dip for crusty bread with a side of olive oil to make it stick – Traditionally how it’s eaten.

6) Berries

If you’re watching your sugar intake feel like something sweet with your breakkie, a handful or two of berries are a great option, being one of the lowest sugar fruits and low in fructose. And there’s so much more to berries than sugar; They’re a wholefood package, wrapped in nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin C and fibre. Try them on top of a few dessertspoons cottage cheese/ricotta – straight up or on toast with a sprinkle of Baker’s Cinnamon.

Goji berries are also great for adding a pop of colour, and the ones from Morlife have been independently tested and shown to have a higher antioxidant capacity than fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Traditionally goji berries were used in small amounts in China, so keep that in mind when adding them to your breakkie. I like mine in homemade muesli: For one serve, combine ¼ Cup traditional (not instant) rolled oats with 1 Tbsp chopped raw nuts, 2 tsp LSA and 1 tsp each of cacao nibs, shredded coconut and goji berries. Serve with your favourite milk or unsweetened yoghurt and you have a muesli that’s much lower in sugar than commercial varieties, which tend to be dominated by sugar, syrups and dried fruit.

To find out more about the Morlife product and Goji Berries visit

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