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The Best Ready-Made Plant-Based Meals Right Now

By GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor, Melissa Fine 

Proof that ready-to-eat, plant-based meals don’t have to be highly processed, here are ones we’ve been relying on when there’s no time to cook and we’d rather not do takeaway. 










Hart & Soul Dahl 

⁠Looking for a grab-and-go dahl that's GoodnessMe-approved? Here you go. Hart & Soul's Supergrain Dahl is FREE from refined sugar and weird numbered ingredients. It gets bonus points for being boosted with chia seeds (a top plant-based source of omega-3) and a medley of vitamin, mineral, plus fibre-rich wholegrains instead of refined white rice or naan bread. And you can dig in, 'cause it's in this month's Box

Ceres Organic Mexican Jackfruit Meal

Your next Mexican feed just got more exciting (and even easier) than rice and beans. Ceres’ Mexican Jackfruit Meal comes pre-seasoned with all the good stuff (tomatoes, capsicum, onion, garlic etc), so all you have to do is heat (on the stove or in the microwave), and plate it up however you like it. For us, that’s stuffed in a soft corn taco with shredded lettuce, guac, Greek yoghurt, and salsa. Ceres does a Thai Jackfruit Meal too, if that’s more your vibe. 

Plantasy Foods Mac N Cheez

This surprisingly ‘cheezy’ plant-based pasta meal is made with just seven real food ingredients, and no glucose syrup (AKA  sugar), artificial colours, or MSG (unlike a certain commercial instant Mac & Cheese, which is made from 17+ highly processed ingredients...yikes). Plantasy use coconut milk for creaminess, plus nutritional yeast and chickpea miso, which bring that cheezy, umami flavour to the table. It’s also nut-free and gluten-free, and has 6.8 grams of protein per serve (that’s more protein than an egg). Serve with a green salad and you have yourself a virtuous lunch or dinner that feels decadent. 

Morlife Quinoa Risotto 

With no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, this is an instant meal we can get behind. Simply add water to one of Morlife’s Quinoa Risotto mixes and ‘cook’ on the stove, or in the rice cooker or microwave. The Thai Green Curry one is our go-to; we serve ours with sauteed greens, plus tofu to bump up the protein. 

Nutritionist Choice Brown Rice Instant Noodles 

Not your average instant noodles (loaded with refined carbohydrates and MSG), Nutritionist Choice provides a wholesome take on fast food by utilising organic wholegrain vermicelli noodles and teaming them with an all-natural miso soup base. Turn this into a meal by topping with tofu or an egg. 

Plantasy Foods Protein Patty

Say hello to your new favourite weeknight dinner. Unlike other plant-based meat alternatives which are highly processed, Plantasy’s Protein Patties are made with wholefood ingredients like lupin (a legume), chia seeds, and gluten-free buckwheat flour. The mix comes in three varieties (Original, Thai, or Mexican), and while it may not be entirely ready-made, it’s close to it; all you have to add is water for a meal that will be ready in minutes. Pop a Plantasy Patty on a salad, in a lettuce cup with condiments, or serve it naked alongside your go-to roast veggies. 

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