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The Wholefood Treats You’ve Got to Try

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

We're here to keep on helping you guys find delicious, better-for-you alternatives to your favourite desserts. These ones won’t disappoint. 

Macro Mike The Clean Cookie - Birthday Cake 

Macro Mike has done it again. Made with almond and faba bean protein, this plant-based protein cookie legit tastes like cake, and is even better with a cuppa (or crumbled on top of coconut milk yoghurt or ice cream). 


Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate Truffles 

You'll have no issues swapping those commercial choc truffles (brand name rhymes with mint) for these guys. Alter Eco Truffles are Fairtrade, Australian Certified Organic, and bestsellers on the GoodnessMe Shop. There are loads of flavours, so there’s something for everyone (including failsafe Salted Caramel). We love the Super Dark ones, which have only 2.6g (about half a teaspoon) of sugar per truffle. 


Ritual Brews Unwind Brew On Califia’s Farm’s Barista Oat Milk

We've been sipping on this deliciousness from Ritual Brews because cacao is the first (the main) ingredient, as it should be in a hot chocolate. The high cacao content means you'll get a good dose of nutrients like magnesium for your muscles, and antioxidants to keep your cells happy and healthy. 

To make: Simply mix one heaped teaspoon of Unwind Brew with a little hot water to make a paste before adding hot milk. We’ve been using Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend from this month’s box to make this extra creamy; we love this one because it’s non-GMO, has no added sugar or gums and it steams and froths like a dream.



Ceres Organics Coconut Wafer Rolls 

For anyone who grew up eating those old school wafer rolls at nan’s, this find is for you. Made with a short and sweet list of wholesome ingredients - like coconut instead of refined wheat flour - one bite and you'll be taken back to your childhood. Enjoy straight-up or crumbled on top of coconut milk ice cream (Do it!!). 


Eat For You Hero Bar

If you love anything choc-mint, this will be your new favourite snack. Made with a short and sweet list of real ingredients we keep in our pantry (like almond butter, coconut, and cacao), every ingredient provides flavour, texture, and nutrients - so there’s no need for weird additives. It’s refined-sugar-free too, sweetened only with dates for natural sweetness, plus fibre and minerals. 
Want to try some (or all) of the above?



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