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These Healthy Packet Mixes Make Holiday Baking a Breeze

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

There’s no shame in turning to a packet mix to whip something up in a jiffy over the silly season - especially if it means more *you time* and downtime with your favourite people. These fail-proof, wholefood baking mixes will have everyone saying, “Wow.” 













These fail-proof, wholefood baking mixes will have everyone saying, “Wow.” 

1. Locako Gingerbread Collagen Cookies

Did you say anti-ageing cookies? Locako’s sugar-free baking mix (featured in this month’s Festive Box, just in time for Christmas) is boosted with pasture-raised bovine collagen powder to promote smoother, plumper skin. If we ever needed an excuse to whip up a batch of biccies, this is it.  

GoodnessMe Locako

2. Macro Mike Waffle Mix

One of our favourite protein powder brands, Macro Mike has done it again with this plant-based Waffle Mix that works a treat for a holiday brunch spread. Featuring a combo of gluten-free flours (rice and tapioca) and smooth almond protein, this is also one of the few FODMAP-friendly baking mixes on the health food market. No waffle maker? Make pancakes with this instead. And the best part? All you need to add is your milk of choice, plus all your favourite toppings, of course (we love these with coconut yoghurt, berries and cacao nibs). 

GoodnessMe Macro Mike

3. Googys Protein Pancakes 

Boasting 20g of protein per serve from free-range egg whites and ground almonds, Googys are the kind of pancakes you could eat every day and not just over the silly season. We like that they contain fibre-rich psyllium husk to feed your good gut bugs, and that they come without a sweetening agent so that you can sweeten your stack to your liking (we like adding super-ripe banana slices to the batter for natural, caramelised sweetness). 


4. The Gluten Free Food Co Quick Mix Pizza Base 

One for the savoury-toothed, this grain-free baking mix needs nothing but water and olive oil to come together. Proof that pizza can make for a wholesome dish, the coconut flour base is teamed with an array of other wholefood ingredients - including prebiotic-rich Australian green banana flour, plus flaxseed and chia for a good dose of fibre and plant-based omega-3. For a crowd-pleasing entree, top your base with all the veggies, rosemary sprigs and crumbled fetta. 


5. Koja Protein Pancakes 

Made with almond meal, buckwheat flour, brown rice protein and black bean powder, props to Koja for coming up with a pancake mix that caters to the plant-based and gluten-free foodies (it also makes a great stocking stuffer). Available in three no-added-sugar varieties (Cinnamon, Cacao, or Coconut & Matcha) the only hard part will be choosing a flavour. 

GoodnessMe Koja

6. PBCo Simply Low Carb Chocolate Cupcake Mix 

Because we couldn’t not include something chocolatey. Grain-free lupin flour (derived from the sweet lupin bean) is the star ingredient in this PBCo Mix, bumping up the fibre and protein content for a cupcake without the blood sugar crash. ‘Ice’ with vanilla Coyo and pop some fresh raspberries on top for a festive touch. 


You can find these and more over on the GoodnessMe Shop!

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