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Prevent Hangovers with Pear Juice

While many of hangover cures we know and love (coffee + bacon and eggs!) may dull your pounding head, and ward off any queasiness, many of the strategies we swear by aren’t backed by science. Until now! 

Enter: Korean pear juice.

A team of Aussie scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have found that drinking Korean pear juice before consuming alcohol can reduce your hangover symptoms.


How does Korean pear juice combat hangovers?

According to research director Professor Manny Noakes, the pear impacts the enzymes that are in charge of processing alcohol, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). By doing this, it helps to speed up the rate at which you metabolise and eliminate alcohol.

In particular, the study found that Korean pear juice reduces our blood acetaldehyde levels - a toxin that is thought to be responsible for hangover symptoms. Of the 14 symptoms surveyed, the team saw the biggest improvement in their subject’s ability to concentrate.

The humble Korean pair has other health benefits too. Among them, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which may also help to reduce headaches associated with alcohol. There you go!


When to drink Korean pear juice

For the best results, Oakes says the key is sipping the juice before you start drinking. According to the study, this will lessen the effects of your hangover the next day.

As for how much to drink, 220mL is the sweet spot (just under one cup). 


Want to try this all-natural hangover cure?

Of course, the best way to prevent hangovers is to drink in moderation. But it’s cool to know that science - and nature - have your back.

In the September box, you’ll find Bae Juice - a 100% Korean pear juice that’s sourced and packaged in Naju, South Korea. It’s sweet and refreshing, and you definitely don’t need to be hungover to enjoy it!


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Reference: CSIRO -  Pre-pear yourself: have we ended the fruitless search for hangover prevention? 

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