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Three Reasons To Love Green Tea

By Melissa Fine, Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor.

Asian cultures have traditionally utilised green tea since ancient times, and it's now increasingly popular in the Western diet. Loaded with health benefits, if you're not in love with it already here are three more reasons to go for green tea.

1) It’s packed with antioxidants:
Apart from complimenting your sashimi, green tea is also an antioxidant-powerhouse, thanks to its catechin content. The word ‘antioxidant’ tends to gets thrown around a lot, so to explain it simply, antioxidants are compounds that can prevent free-radicals from causing damage to our cells; Free-radicals are highly reactive chemicals naturally produced by the body, also present in environmental toxins like cigarette smoke and pollution.

To reap the health benefits of green tea, it’s best to brew it in warm, rather than boiling water, so the antioxidants are retained. Or, drink it iced with a slice of lemon or pineapple for a tropical-twist.

2) It puts a healthy pep in your step:
If you’re not a morning person but find your 8 am latte leaves you jittery, green tea might be the perfect alternative; It still contains caffeine, but in an amount significantly lower than than in coffee, making a cup of green a much gentler, more nurturing way to start your day. Green tea is also gentler on your stomach, being less of a gastric irritant than coffee.

Plus, unlike milk/sugar/syrup-laden coffees, or diet cola/energy drinks filled with artificial ingredients, a morning green tea ritual gives you a kilojoule-free energy boost…A much more natural, wholesome way to power you through your workout or early meeting.

3) It can help tame a sweet tooth:
Green tea is my-go to thing for when I’m craving something sweet. The trick is to not leave the teabag in for too long (I take mine out after a minute or two) so that it doesn’t get too bitter. With its slightly astringent, savoury taste that tends to linger in the mouth, I find I no longer feel like a post-lunch biscuit after I’ve sipped slowly on a cup of green. Try it!

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