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Top Ten Healthy Travel Tips

By Melissa Fine, Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor.

1. Stay Hydrated
Both hot and cold climates along with the air-con on the plane encourage dry, scaly skin. Drink plenty of water on your journey and carry a 1L water bottle with you when you’re out and about as a reminder to rehydrate. Electrolyte-rich coconut water is a nice addition to your fluid intake, especially in humid or tropical climates.

2. Don’t Overeat on the Plane
We tend to get fed much more than we need on long flights – Two main meals, dessert, hot chocolate and snacks in between is a lot to burn off and digest, especially when considering how stationary we are when up in the air.

Walk and stretch regularly during the flight to get your blood flowing, and remember you don’t have to eat everything on offer. If you tend to eat extra on the plane because ‘it’s something to do’, say no to the ice cream being passed around so that you wont just eat it because it’s there. Pass the time with music, magazines, a movie or good book instead.

3. Be Prepared
Make sure to specify your dietary requirements with the airline when you book your flight; I forgot to do this on my flight to LA a few months back and missed out on the vegan meal which tends to come with healthier options (Had to make do with white bread rolls, a few lettuce leaves and a bit of fruit – Not exactly balanced!)

Pack healthy snacks in in your suitcase for when there’s only highly processed or fast food available – Very likely if you’re at a game park or the beach. 100% fruit and nut bars, raw nuts, protein powder and miso soup sachets are all good options. You can even get coconut water powder now (Look for the Bioglan brand in the supermarket’s supplement section) – Simply add two teaspoons to a glass or bottle of cold water and you have yourself an instant coconut water!

4. Move
Your exercise routine doesn’t have to go completely astray while you’re away. Whether you’re by the bush or the beach, do some exploring and get some fresh air and vitamin D-rich sunshine with a nice long walk or run. I also like to make some fun exercise playlists on my iPod before a holiday so I’m more motivated to get moving while away.

Staying at a hotel or resort? Check out the gym and find out what health and fitness classes are on offer. My mum and I took an outdoor yoga class in Hawaii earlier this year - Beats doing it in a studio!

5. Treat yourself
...You’re on holiday! Enjoy a cocktail or that gelato. A bit clichéd but I love a good pina colada!

6. Balance it Out
Treating yourself doesn’t mean you need to go crazy come every meal…It’s all about balance; If you enjoyed a big pizza for lunch, have a green salad with grilled fish or chicken for dinner. Still full come lunchtime from the two meals worth of food you had at the breakfast buffet? It’s okay to skip lunch – Don’t just eat because it’s 1pm; Listen to your body’s hunger cues and you’ll feel better for it.

7. Look After Your Gut
Reduce your risk of a gastrointestinal infection and find out whether the water at your destination is treated. In places with untreated water, only drink and brush your teeth with bottled water and be cautious of foods like fruit with edible skins and raw salads, which may have been cleaned with untreated water. Cooked vegetables are a safer option as high cooking temperatures help destroy bacteria.

It’s also worth limiting your intake of gastric irritants like alcohol or fatty food, as too much of these can result in stomach ache, bloating and diarrhoea.

Certain probiotics may alleviate and reduce the risk of traveller’s diarrhoea – Ask your health practitioner which probiotic they’d recommend for you. Ginger and peppermint tea are also nice additions while you’re away, as they can help settle an upset stomach and aid digestion, with peppermint having anti-spasmodic properties and ginger relieving nausea.

8. Be Sun Smart
Although sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, you only need 15 minutes of unprotected skin exposure a day during peak hours to reap the benefit. The rest of the time, protect your skin with a wide-brimmed hat, a t-shirt and and a strong SPF sunscreen. Look after your eyes too and wear big sunnies!

9. Do Some Research
Look up the farmers’ markets, health cafes and health food stores in the area. I love trying the different local fresh produce and health food products available when I’m away from home; A fun way to get some wholesome food into you on your trip.

10. Unplug
Holidays give us the rare opportunity to switch off from the demands of our everyday routines. Have a break from your email and social media so you can really unwind and focus on the now (You could even delete the apps from your phone for while you’re away so you’re not tempted).

Take advantage of your time off and try something new, whether it’s learning how to surf or meditate, going to a cooking class or even just cracking into that book you’ve been meaning to read the whole year but haven’t gotten round to.

Bioglan Coconut Water includes all the key electrolytes that make coconut water so widely used by athletes and health enthusiasts alike, but in a more convenient, easy-to-store powder. The main drawback of Coconut water? It is expensive, and is almost impossible to carry around with you when you are on the go. Bioglan Coconut Water Powder offers the same electrolytes, but in a convenient powdered form, ready for mixing with water. Simply add 10g (2 teaspoons) to 250ml water or add to juices, smoothies, yoghurt and use in cooking, baking, on cereals and more! Gluten Free\Dairy Free\Nut Free\Soy Free.

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