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We talk 'Beach Fit' with Kim Beach

Kim walked away from her desk job in 2001 with the goal of pursuing a career in health and fitness. Since then she has developed a unique challenge to women from all walks of life to approach health in a balanced way through her exercise and healthy eating programs.

Fast forward 17 years and Kim Beach is now a health and fitness expert who's helped thousands of women eat well, lose weight and get healthy! Her new book Beach Fit is filled with nourishing recipes designed for the time poor woman and was based on her popular weight-loss programs!

Kim shares true stories, including the difficult times, to help bring purpose and positive change to your life, help you embrace 'positive nutrition' and follow your dreams.

We were so inspired by all of Kim's passionate work at GMB HQ that not only did we create a very special 'FIT' GoodnessMe Box, filled with some of Kim's favourite health products, but we also sat down with Kim to ask some burning questions.

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What was the driver behind your new book Beach Fit?

I really wanted to have something tangible that people could own as everything I do is online. So when I was approached by Harper Collins to write a book I jumped at the opportunity. I loved that I had the freedom to write about my passion, Beach Fit embraces everything I believe in and for any woman out there that is interested in getting healthier long term my book is a great place to start.

What was the catalyst for you to walk away from your office job in 2001 and start your own business?

Something just didn’t feel right, I knew I couldn’t see myself doing office work long term, I wanted more and I wanted a career in ‘health’ as that is what I was passionate about. I started researching different courses and I found the perfect one and just went for it. I love every minute of it, I literally soaked up every lecture and couldn’t get enough of it.

Did you always have a passion for helping women be their best self?

The initial fire in my belly to start my business was that I noticed there were so many people around the world being crippled by lifestyle diseases that could easily be avoided through eating well and staying active. When I look at someone I can see their potential and I know how to get the results they want. Most of the time it comes down to them believing in themselves and being confident enough to embrace the new lifestyle change, which many ladies learn to do within my online community. Everyone has a story and being able to open up in a private group with so many other ladies who are supportive and positive is so powerful.

What are your 5 biggest tips to help women make REAL change to their health & lifestyles?

The most important tip I can give someone is to focus on what goes in your mouth. 80% of your results will come down to food.

Weight training – if you are not currently weight training, it’s time to start – this is the only way your body will change shape and transform.

Stay active – find a training partner so you become accountable to that person and won’t want to let them down.

Drink water – 2 litres a day – non-negotiable!

Meditation – find the time to be still and quiet, it really is life changing.

What are the most common obstacles you find women face when trying to change to a healthy lifestyle?

Many women try to be ‘perfect’ and adopt the ‘all or nothing’ mentality and when they can’t be ‘perfect’ they give up. Leading a healthy lifestyle needs to be about staying consistent and knowing that life happens and that is OK.

Women are busy, a lot of us work full time whilst raising a family and being the home maker as well. It is a lot and if there is no support network around you it can be difficult. Women are incredible and will always go above and beyond to please instead of making themselves a priority.

Wine is becoming an epidemic amongst women, so many women drink wine especially whilst cooking dinner each night. Wine can mentally mean, it is time to relax for many, so it can be a hard habit to break especially as wine is full of sugar and YES sugar is addictive.

You say in your book “If there is one lesson I have learned the hard way over the years, it’s that you have to trust your own instincts and truly believe in yourself if you want to bring your dreams to life.” Can you elaborate on this and share some of these hard lessons?

I was told when I was 15 by my careers teacher at school that I couldn’t achieve my dream of having a career in sport/health as I didn’t have the marks. I wish I would have been mature enough to have made a plan of attack and figure out how I could have achieved this instead of just getting angry and changing my career goals. I eventually got there in the end at age 21 and created a plan and I have never looked back. Since starting my business over 5 years ago now there has be SO many times when I have had to get out of my comfort zone, really believe in myself and take on something that was super scary. Every time I would achieve a goal my confidence would build and I would look to the next goal ahead. Having your own back is so important.


It seems as though your passion began with fitness and in time moved to nutrition as well, is this right and if so, how did your passion for healthy eating begin?

Yes that is right, I was always into sport growing up. I would swim train morning and night, I played touch football a few times per week and I played netball. I was always playing sport and loved every minute of it. However, I can remember being around 10 and asking my mum to buy me a health magazine at the supermarket so the passion has always been there and I remember in primary school my lunch box would be filled with junk and my best friend would bring trail mix and healthy options and we would swap most days. Having said this, my intense passion for food starting after I had my kids, I worked hard at figuring out ways to get my body back to being strong and fit and the conclusion I came to was it all came down to what I ate. Food is just so powerful, it can make you feel amazing or sick, it can create mental clarity or fog and it can create your ideal weight or make you overweight. Food has the power to change you in the most amazing way, it all comes down to you and how you use that power.

I’ve noticed the term ‘positive nutrition’ in your book and on your website, can you explain what this is?

Positive Nutrition is not about being ‘perfect’, it is all about embracing whole natural foods that will fuel your body. Aiming for foods that have a high nutritional value and that your body recognizes. Also being able to stay consistent 80% of the time (NOT perfect) and then allowing yourself to go out for dinner or to have a glass of wine occasionally without feeling any guilt around it.

Why is stepping out of our comfort zone and facing our fears critical to achieve our goals?

Getting out of your comfort zone is the only way you will grow as a person. Yes it is scary initially but it also builds self-confidence when you start achieving what you set out to do. It’s like weight training, if you just go through the motions your body won’t change much but it you take each session to a new level and lift heavier constantly your body will literally change before your eyes. Will it hurt – YES but will it be worth it – ABSOLUTELY!

How important is passion and doing what you love versus a good idea when starting a business?

You have to have passion for what you do, starting your own business is hard work and it is literally 24/7 so you HAVE to enjoy what you do. A lot of people have great ideas about wanting to create their own thing but unless you are willing to make your business your entire world, invest in it and work extremely hard you will not be successful. I literally live and breathe my business 24/7 and I am always willing to help and encourage anyone that comes into contact with my brand. If you really love what you do and believe in it you will be successful!

What are your top five non-negotiable habits to keep you on track?

I prep my food every Sunday so I set myself up for success throughout the week.

I schedule my training sessions into my calendar so I know I have created time for ME!

I find the time to be by myself to re-charge.

I constantly drink water all day every day.

I make sure I treat myself once a week to avoid have mental cravings which eventually manifest.

What do you do to take care of your mental health?

Most importantly, I consciously make sure I surround myself with positive people who make me smile

I love doing yoga as it really brings everything back to balance and gives you the time to feel grateful.

I also meditate as much as I can, even if it is just 10 minutes sitting in the car before school pick up, I just close my eyes and be still.

Sometimes it is difficult by I always aim to get a good 7-8 hours’ sleep a night – I know my mood and emotions are all over the place if I am not getting enough sleep.

What is your favourite quote that makes you feel most empowered?

“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible”

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