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What is Powdered Peanut Butter? And 3 Awesome Recipes to Make with It

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Health Advisor 

All the rage in the health food scene right now, powdered peanut butter is made by pressing out the oil content from dry-roasted peanuts, which are then ground into a fine powder. 

While it might be trending because it’s lower in fat (and therefore, calories) than straight-up peanut butter, we just love it because it’s super versatile and has no weird ingredients added. 

Powdered peanut butter works a treat in both savoury and sweet recipes (it even works in baking). Did we mention it doubles as a protein powder? One serve of Original PBfit, which you’ll find in this month’s Health Box gives you 8g of protein...not bad. 

Not sure what to make with your PBfit? Here are just some of the creative ways you can use powdered peanut butter to get you started. 

Easy Peasy Peanut Sauce 

We’ve been putting this plant-based, satay-style sauce on pretty much everything: salads, veggie sticks, or noodles for some Pad Thai vibes.


3/4 cup PBfit powder⁠

1/3 cup water⠀⁠

3 tbsp coconut aminos (or soy sauce) ⠀⁠

Juice of one lime⠀⁠

1 tbsp maple syrup ⠀⁠

2 tsp chilli paste (or sriracha) 

1/4 tsp garlic powder⠀⁠

1/4 tsp ginger powder⠀⁠

1/2 tsp sesame seeds, toasted 



    1. Blend all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender until super creamy. That’s it! 


    Cheers @candicelynnfitvegan + @pbfit.official for the recipe. 


    Pimped Up PB&J 

    Take your toast to the next level with this virtuous breakfast that feels and looks decadent. 


    2 pieces of sourdough or gluten-free bread, toasted 

    1-2 tbsp ricotta (or vegan cream cheese) 

    Heaped ¼ cup fresh or frozen raspberries, smashed into a ‘jam’ (you can do this in a small bowl with a fork) 

    1 tbsp PBFit, mixed with water to your desired consistency 

    Cacao nibs


      1. Top your toast with the ricotta, then the raspberries, followed by a generous drizzle of PBfit and a sprinkle of cacao nibs (or whatever other toppings you fancy). 


      Thanks, @zane_balodis + @pbfit.aunz for the recipe inspo! 


      Peanut Butter & Banana Thickshake 

      This is soo thick, you could call it protein ice cream. 


      2 frozen bananas⁠ (peel and slice before freezing) 

      2 tbsp Chocolate PBfit (or if you’re using the original PBfit, simply add a heaped tsp of cacao or cocoa powder) 

      Splash of almond milk⁠


        1. Blend everything high-speed blender, adding a little more almond milk if needed (although less is more if you want this THICK). Top with your favourite toppings. We like ours with strawberries, granola, and a good drizzle of PBfit. 


        Props to @koorikitchen + @pbfit.aunz for this one. 














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