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What is Vedic Meditation

Meditation is like exercise.

There are so many different types and it’s important you find one that suits you. Working out which is the right practice for you is key. There are guided meditations where you listen to audio recordings, visualisation techniques, mindfulness techniques, Zen, Buddhist and many more religious practices. For meditation to be a success for you, find something that fits in with your lifestyle and achieves the results you want.

The particular type of meditation we teach at The Broad Place is called Vedic Meditation, which is scientifically proven to be the most effective form of meditation. It’s easy to do, it’s manageable to fit into a packed schedule and you get incredible results from minimal input. Coming from a highly engaged and stressful career in Marketing and design, I understand first-hand the need for a practice that is highly efficient and creates huge benefits.

Vedic Meditation is mantra-based meditation practiced for 15-20 minutes, ideally twice a day. It is portable, easy and you can do it absolutely anywhere you can sit. No pretzel poses, no chanting, no unusual clothing.

Vedic Meditation clears stress, tension and fatigue from the nervous system and mind, creating more space and clarity. People are turning to Vedic Meditation to:

  • increase happiness and joy
  • expand their conscious state and explore spirituality
  • assist with physical health and wellbeing
  • gain access to greater clarity and creativity
  • increase vitality and energy
  • explore being the best versions of themselves and their potential

Written by our friends over at The Broad Place, visit their website here

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